What Are You Playing? Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, Bloodborne and Divinity 2

Paul Tamburro: This week I’ve started Divinity: Original Sin 2 up again. GameRevolution’s PC Game of the Year 2017, it’s amazing how much there is to do in this game, and how it gives you this expansive and complicated world to explore without it ever feeling overwhelming. Despite having spent 10+ hours in its Fort Joy starting hub alone, there are still things to see and do in it before you venture into the main game.

Jason Faulkner: This week I’ve put Yakuza 6 on the backburner for a bit to review Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition. After about an hour of tweaking the graphics options, I finally started playing the game, and I’m remembering just how much fun it is. It’s not my favorite plot of the series, but the world comes to life unlike any other entry in the franchise. I just hit Chapter 3, so I’ll probably spend the next 20 hours fishing and racing chocobos.

Aimee Hart: Finally I’ve managed to dive head first into Wolfenstein: The New Order. Sure I completely died before I even got out of the airplane, but god, it was so worth it! It’s way more fun than I expected. Two words: Bullet Hell!

Mack Ashworth: Another week, another new bundle of Fortnite content. This week, I’ll be trying out the Teams of 20 mode, and attempting to complete as many of the new Season 3 Week 3 challenges as I can! (If I can pull myself away from Epic Games’ epic game, I do want to try Ironsight, which is currently in open beta!)

Alleef Ashaari: Yet another week of The Witcher 3. I’ve finally completed the main game after stalling for two whole months. Now I’m going through the expansions like Hearts of Stone. The sheer amount of content post-main game boggles my mind.

Bradley Russell: I’m trying (and dying) my way through Bloodborne. Now that it’s free with PS Plus, I feel like I’m under less pressure than if I whacked down actual money for it. I’m still struggling with the first boss. Will I git gud? Probably not, but I’m enjoying it a hell of a lot more than I was expecting.

Cody Perez: In honor of the absolute best month of PlayStation Plus, I am taking the time to play Bloodborne and Ratchet & Clank for the very first time. These are two games that have been on my list of must-play games for quite some time now, and I’m so glad I can finally boot them up for free. Well, minus the $59.99 yearly subscription.