What Are You Playing? Ni no Kuni 2, A Way Out, and More

This week the GameRevolution staff has been playing through the likes of Ni no Kuni 2, A Way Out, and other upcoming releases, alongside a bunch of old favorites. As always, let us know what YOU have been playing in the comments section below!

Paul Tamburro (Executive Editor): I’ve been playing A Way Out this week, the upcoming EA Originals release that tasks you and a buddy with breaking out of jail. It’s co-op only, so I’ve enlisted the aid of my girlfriend to help me through it. Our review will be up next week. Unfortunately, I’ve had to put my new playthrough of Divinity 2 on hold as a friend has gone on vacation. Very selfish of them.

Cody Perez (Guides Editor): I am powering through Ni no Kuni 2 for our review (look for it next week!) and am checking out the massive new Eureka dungeon content that has been added to Final Fantasy XIV recently.

Jason Faulker (Lead Editor): I’ve been finishing up odds and ends in Yakuza 6 to get ready for the review. Other than that I finally finished up Life is Strange: Before the Storm, and plan on moving to the bonus episode this evening.

Mack Ashworth (News Editor): Call of Duty WW2 received an update that added a remake of the classic Shipment Modern Warfare map, so I suppose I’ll be subjecting myself to that for a good few hours. I also need to (finally) start Bloodborne, one of the “free” PS Plus games for March 2018.

Aimee Hart (Staff Writer): I’ve finally caved and installed Stardew Valley on my Switch. Now I’m playing until 3am in a desperate attempt to make my farm super pretty and have as many boyfriends and girlfriends as possible. Living the dream, am I right?

Alleef Ashaari (Staff Writer): I’ve been playing Total War Rome 2 since the Desert Kingdoms Culture Pack was released last week. It’s great to see a five-year-old game still receiving support from the developer, as well as the diversity gained from adding more non-Greek/Roman factions. I will build my own empire of sand and challenge mighty Rome!

Bradley Russell (Staff Writer): I’ve been playing Life is Strange: Before the Storm’s bonus chapter this week. Honestly, this is good as narratives get in the medium. It’s heartfelt without being overbearingly wrought; sweet without being saccharine, and a perfect (final?) goodbye to Chloe and Max. Go Bigfoots!