The People Speak: Shadow of War Drops its Microtransactions, Ni no Kuni 2 Love Letters, and More

It’s a big week for GameRevolution next week, with our brand new Cross-Play podcast kicking off a variety of community-focused plans we have in store for GR. With a couple of days left to wait for the big debut of the weekly podcast, we’ve been looking through all the lovely comments you’ve left for us over the course of the past seven days, in a relatively slow week for the gaming industry in which everyone was still tied up with Far Cry 5.

Here are our favorite comments of the past week, ranked in no particular order:


Article: Tell GR: What’s Your Best April Fool’s Day Prank?

Comment: I used to moderate a forum, it was this serious RP forum with dark themes and stuff and on the 1st of April I changed the theme to a bright pink one with hearts and unicorns for the whole day. And no one got upset, which was great. 😀

GR Says: This April 1st I role-played as someone who vehemently dislikes April Fool’s Day. I’m looking forward to doing the same next year.


Nanotroll 2

Article: Fortnite Has More Monthly Active Users  Than GTA Online

Comment: Now that you can play Fortnite or PUBG on iPhone – I can’t imagine how low productivity has dipped in public schools.

GR Says: Judging by our current trajectory, by the time these students leave college everyone in the Western world will have released their own battle royale game, so playing Fortnite and PUBG on iPhone can pretty much be classed as homework.



Article: Pokemon GO 8 Bit Style Ends Sooner Than You’d Like

Comment: April fools is a single day, not a WHOLE FUCKING WEEK. End this shit now. It was annoying at first. Now it’s a struggle not to delete the app and find something else to waste my time on.

GR Says: GameRevolution commenter “theclearheadedone” here, living up to their name by losing their shit over Pokemon GO.


Anonymous User

Article: Shadow of War Microtransactions Replaced by Free Updates

Comment: It really seems like with games anymore its better to buy then 6 months to a year after release. Shadow of War, Master Chief Collection, Mass Effect Andromeda etc. no reason to buy a game at release anymore other than impatience

GR Says: The suggestion that we should wait for a few months to buy games ignores the fact that if we don’t immediately purchase them we will literally die.



Article: How Ni no Kuni 2 Revitalized My Love for the JRPG

Comment: I was concerned about this game due to the lack of Studio Ghibli involvement but you’re definitely making me want to go grab it immediately. I did think the first one was a little slow game-play wise but couldn’t really care because of the joy of feeling like you’re essentially playing a Ghibli movie. But a more engaging game in a similar spirit sounds like a pretty good thing.

GR Says: And you can hear plenty more of our thoughts about Ni no Kuni 2 on Tuesday’s very first Cross-Play podcast!