Introducing Cross-Play Podcast: Your New Favorite Show on the Internet

You asked for it, and we listened: next Tuesday, the very first installment of the Cross-Play Podcast will make its way to GameRevolution. Not only will this podcast feature our talented GR team, but in our efforts to make this your New Favorite Show on the Internet, we’re also enlisting the help of our buddies over on PlayStation Lifestyle. Another Mandatory Media property, PSLS will combine with us to form a video game Megazord, armed with nothing but gaming knowledge and jokes at each other’s expense.

In the Cross-Play Podcast, we’ll offer our thoughts on the biggest gaming news stories of the week, talk about the latest releases, discuss the games that we’ve been able to play ahead of their release and offer insight you won’t receive anywhere else. We aim to be the podcast you listen to on your afternoon lunch break, during your morning commute, or while you’re sitting around in the evening playing games.

At 12 pm ET / 9 am PT / 5 pm BST on Tuesday, April 10, Cross-Play Podcast #1 will go live on GameRevolution and you’ll all be able to hear the show that critics are already calling “pretty funny.” In the meantime, please leave your questions for the podcast hosts — Paul Tamburro, Jason Faulkner, Cameron Teague, and Chandler Wood — in the comments section below, and we’ll answer the best ones next week!