Which Octopath Traveler Character Should Be Your BFF?

Octopath Traveler has no shortage of captivating characters, ranging from the mighty eight to cool NPCs. While we’ve all seen the guides about how to pick the strongest party, it’s important not to forget the power of friendship. It’s nice to have a powerful party. However, it’s even better when you’re adventuring with your best mates. We have a guide to your new Octopath Traveler BFFs.

Which Octopath Traveler Should Be Your BFF – H’aanit


H’aanit is the type of friend that runs Iron Man marathons for fun. Forget hanging out for a boozy brunch; she’s probably counting her macros to stay in tip-top, beast-taming shape. Hiking and camping are her ideal weekend activities. If you like venturing off the beaten path and hunting for your own food when you’re out of town, she’s the best girl to do it with. H’aanit is also incredibly loyal, and she’ll be your friend for life. Hell, she jumped right to her mentor’s aid after over a year of radio silence. Flighty, fairweather friends exist but she isn’t one of them. All H’aanit really wants in return is someone who really understands that we all return to the earth one day. If you’ve got a healthy respect for nature and for independent women, this is a friendship match made in heaven.

Which Octopath Traveler Should Be Your BFF – Alfyn


Alfyn is a bit like the friend equivalent of a golden retriever. He’s probably most at home doing what you feel like doing, as long as it gets him out of his small town. It doesn’t take a lot to entertain him, so long as he’s got his mates around. Picking flowers? Why not. Lopping the head off a hulking snake? Even better. There’s no real rhyme or reason to Alfyn’s desires when he’s with friends, he just enjoys the act of spending valuable time with you. However, don’t chalk him down as no fun. He’s clearly a charmer, and if he can talk his way into a free hotel room then he can definitely help you talk your way into some pants. Plus, his whole shtick is homebrewing substances. If you’re wanting a mate that’s a responsibly by day and an absolute unit by night, then look no further than your local apothecary.

Which Octopath Traveler Should Be Your BFF – Tressa


Tressa is a bargain hunter’s best friend. That’s a catchy thing to put on a t-shirt, but it’s absolutely the truth. If you love thrifting, then you’ll want her by your side when you tackle the local Goodwill. Tressa’s eagle-eyed ways also extend to some of the finer things in life. She’s got a keen appreciation for luxury goods, and she somehow always has the best hook-ups to find them. Heard of something rare? She’ll find a way to get its owner to part with it for the right price. There’s few things that Tressa can’t help you acquire, and in a world where it’s about who you know and not necessarily what you know, she’s extremely valuable. This is a girl who knows her worth, so make sure that your friendship is a two-way street. Abuse her connections and you might find yourself bereft of something once dear to you, but now sold to the highest bidder.

Which Octopath Traveler Should Be Your BFF – Therion


Therion’s a tall mug of, well, tall, and handsome. Not to be too reductive here, but he’s a looker. Therion’s also got the useful trait of silver fingers, which is a nice way of saying that he can steal anything that isn’t nailed down. If you like living on the wild side, then Therion is the guy for you. This isn’t a case of the glamping blues. He’s the stereotypical bad boy, and if he lived in our times, he’d probably have a beat up motorcycle. Therion proves that you can be a career criminal whilst being stylish, so he’s great to have on your side if your careers align. Above all else, he’s great at being motivating. He might run hot and cold, but his hardline stance on working for what you want will kick even the laziest person into gear. Therion’s a good mate if you’re not too concerned about where he gets the cash to buy everyone shots. Plus, if the cops ever show up when he’s around, you can rest easy knowing that they’re probably not after you.

Which Octopath Traveler Should Be Your BFF – Ophilia


Ophilia seems mild-mannered, but if you’re her best friend then you’ll know better. Behind her cool exterior lies a true ride or die. She’s been through some tough times, but she’s always risen above through sheer willpower. If you want a mate that puts family and friends first, then you’ll get along just fine with Ophilia. She makes no secret of how important her loved ones are to her, but she’s also a saint for not judging you, even in the worst of times. Want to steal candy from a literal baby? Ophilia won’t be happy about it, but she’ll have your back if the city guard come knockin’. She’s risked her life to protect the people she cares about once before, and she’ll do it again. Just be sure to look out for her and make sure that she doesn’t stretch herself too thin trying to look after everyone. She’s the Mom Friend, to a fault.

Which Octopath Traveler Should Be Your BFF – Primrose


If there’s anything that Primrose isn’t good at, you haven’t noticed. She’s probably the most opinionated person you’ve ever met, but she takes absolutely no nonsense from anyone. Talented at dancing, oozing with charisma, and handy with a dagger? Primrose is a jack of all trades and a master at being a good mate. If you’ve ever needed to get rid of a fatal mess, she’s the person to go to. There’s nary a person that she hasn’t gotten into the good graces of, and her dark magic can get her results that manners can’t. You know that hypothetical about which mate you’d ring up to dump the body if you ever killed anyone? That mate’s Primrose. She’s also got a killer sense of fashion that’s both practical and deadly, and she’s got a heart of gold under her tough exterior. She’s the best fantasy big sister you could want, and she’s the best person to go on a Contiki tour with on account of being so well-travelled.

Which Octopath Traveler Should Be Your BFF – Olberic


Olberic is the kind of mate that you can rely on if you’ve had sub-par familial support throughout your life. He’s the Cool Uncle friend. He probably enjoys mediocre hard liquor, his major food groups are carbs and said liquor, and he’s got war stories. However, that doesn’t stop him from being cool to hang out with. Olberic has been to a lot of places, and he knows a hell of a lot about the world. If you’re ever stranded in an unfamiliar place, you’ll want him by your side to help puzzle things out. History buffs, this is your man. He’s got the easygoing nature of someone who reads a book occasionally, but he’s also ready to throw down if the squad is disrespected. Olberic is a fighter down to his core, and if popping round to the pop to knock someone’s teeth out is what floats your boat, he’s gonna be right by your side.

We’ve done our best to give you a rundown of what to expect from each Traveler if you choose to get close enough to ’em to braid each others hair. However, while they’re all dear to our hearts, we realize that they can be pretty polarizing. Have any of our BFF picks done you dirty? Got one particular squad mate you’d like to give a shout out to? Let us know in the comments section below!