Microsoft E3 2018 Predictions: 5 Announcements We Want to See

Microsoft E3 2018 predictions are a tough one this year, because we really don’t know what’s around the corner for its troubled Xbox One. It clearly has big plans for the expo, as it announced a few months ago that it’d be holding a pre-E3 briefing at the Microsoft Theatre. With speculation that Xbox One’s turn on the LA Convention Centre stage will be its biggest yet, fans are probably looking forward to a show of epic proportions.

It hasn’t been a strong year for first-party releases on the Xbox; we all remember Sea of Thieves’  reception. More recently, State of Decay 2 landed with more of a whimper than a bang. However, 2018 is far from a lost cause. Here are five announcements that we want to see from Microsoft at E3 this year.

5. Halo news


It’s been years since the last installment of the Halo franchise. Plenty of fans still remember Master Chief in his hey-day, even if enthusiasm for the Halo games has waned in recent years. Microsoft is clear that it will keep supporting Halo 5, but we’ve been hearing about its potential sequel for some time. E3 would be the perfect time to unleash Halo 6 upon the masses; it’s clearly what the people want.

If an update on Halo 6 is too much to ask, 343 has been working on the Master Chief Collection for a hot minute. It launched 4 years ago, but it’s been steadily improved by the 343 team since then. Some of the most ambitious changes planned include increased resolution for all the games in the collection and Mixer match-making support. It would be nice to hear more about the new lease of life that 343 is planning to give the MCC.

4. Microsoft VR technology


It’s no secret that the PSVR has been performing well. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the Kinect has seemed like a footnote in VR history since it was canned in 2017. While it launched to great aplomb, the company was unable to capitalize on the device in the end. However, everyone loves a good redemption story. E3 would be as good a time as any to announce a new VR device to complete with PSVR.

We know that Microsoft loves its flashy hardware announcements. After the Xbox One X made its debut last year, no one is doubting that the company has the horsepower needed to pull this off. VR would be a lucrative expansion into a growing sector of the games industry that’s ripe for the picking.

3. More about Bioware’s Anthem


Everyone probably remembers where they were when they first saw footage of Bioware’s latest baby – Anthem. While the game was shown off at EA’s own presentation, Microsoft fans were treated to a high-def demo for the Xbox One X. Since the Microsoft presentation was the first showing of Anthem‘s gameplay, it stands to reason that we’ll see more from Bioware when Microsoft takes the stage at E3 this year. It’ll be a great way to remind people of the Xbox’s graphical prowess if nothing else.

2. Microsoft’s Adaptive Controller in action

In the short time since Microsoft announced their adaptive controller for the Xbox, the reception from fans has been positive. It’s clear that the company put a lot of effort into developing this controller; they consulted gamers with disabilities and built a Tech Lab to research inclusive design. Now, the fruits of their labor have been made public. While we’ve read a lot about the adaptive controller, E3 would be a great place to see it in action on the main stage, perhaps even as part of a demo for the upcoming Halo? It would be a landmark moment for gamers with disabilities, and shine a socially-conscious light on Microsoft as well.

1. Microsoft [email protected]


Microsoft’s [email protected] venture has been highly successful. It’s enabled self-publishing for tons of indie developers out there, with the likes of Cuphead famously fronting previous presentations for the venture. In the wake of Nintendo and Sony’s initiatives for indies gaining ground, it would be nice to see some new indie content from Microsoft’s stable. The company already does well on the backwards-compatibility front, but it’s always nice to look forward. With indie games on the uptick across multiple platforms, it’d be commercially smart to devote some of Microsoft’s stage time to them. Furthermore, an update on any changes or improvements being made to the [email protected] program would surely be welcomed by the developer crowd.

While we’re hoping that E3 brings us updates on the Microsoft titles and hardware above, there’s plenty that we’ve inevitably left off the list. It’s anyone’s guess as to what Microsoft will wow us with this year. If you want to share your predictions with us, drop us a line in the comments section below.