Letter From the Editor: Community Features Update v2.0

Community features are the backbone of GameRevolution, offering a platform for our readers to share their views and discuss their opinions with one another. In our ongoing quest to constantly fill GR with new and exciting stuff, we’ve decided to take a closer look at these weekly features and add in some fresh new topics. This means that starting next week, you can expect to see these daily communities on GR:


Monday: Tell GR

Tell GR has been a staple of GameRevolution for a long time now, allowing GameRevolution’s readers to share their thoughts regarding a particular topic. What’s your earliest gaming memory? Which game series deserves a reboot? Do you think that current events and politics should be tackled by more games? This is your weekly opportunity to have your say.


Tuesday: Remember?

Remember? is a popular series that we’re bringing back and repurposing as a new community feature. Previously, Remember? saw the GR staff reflecting on one of their favorite games from way back when. In its new format, Remember? will be used to dig back into the archives of gaming history, pulling out a variety of games, hardware, and stories from years gone by. This is GR’s memory corner, which you can use to discuss everything from Tamagotchi to the N-Gage.


Wednesday: Cross-Play Podcast

The Cross-Play podcast will see GameRevolution and our sister site PlayStation LifeStyle meet to discuss all of the week’s stories, running through our thoughts on our coverage from the week, along with fielding listener questions. We’re nine episodes in on this bad boy, so if you haven’t tuned in to hear me, Jason, Cameron, and Chandler yet, then be sure to do so. We like video games and we somehow talk about Cliff Bleszinski a lot. We don’t know why that’s the case, either.


What Are You Playing?

The GR Staff breaks down the games they’re playing this week, before handing the microphone over to our community in order to discuss the games they’re enjoying. Another favorite, What Are You Playing? remains on our weekly roster.


Thursday: The GR Report

For those of you who want to sit back and look at our faces, The GR Report will fill that gap. Hosted on our Twitch channel (you should follow us now!) The GR Report will see me, Jason, and a bunch of guests discuss sports. Nah, just kidding, we discuss video games. We only ever discuss video games. Follow our Twitch channel to be notified of when The GR Report will go live and join in with the chat.


Friday: Hot Takes Friday

Destined to drum up plenty of fiery discussions, Hot Takes Friday will see one of the GR staff discussing their video game “hot take” — an opinion that isn’t necessarily a popular one in the gaming community — before handing over the microphone to the GR community to have their say. Tune into this one if you want to get knee-deep in a friendly debate.