Cross Play Episode 10: The Pope Better Not Send Me Sonic Foot Fetish Pics

Imagine a world where you didn’t spend every week listening to the Cross-Play podcast? My, what a terrible world that would be. It’s fortunate, then, that this isn’t the case, and you can listen to Cross-Play Episode 10 right here, right now! As the title suggests, this week the Cross-Play gang discusses bizarre fandoms, including the cult of Waluigi and Sonic foot fetish pics. It’s not nearly as NSFW as the title suggests, though we’d still suggest listening to this one with earphones.

Waluigi has been a hot topic in the gaming community for the past week or so. His absence in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate line-up caused some ardent Wa-fans to speak out, with the purple-hatted menace’s once ironic supporters transcending beyond the meme into a fandom of their very own. Cross-Play discusses this odd turn of events, along with some other unexpected fan bases in the gaming community.

We also discuss our thoughts on how E3 should be handled in the future, and if the expo is making the transition away from a press event. Should the likes of Sony and Microsoft still hold showcases at the event? Or now that the doors have opened to the general public, will publishers move to their own conferences in the future? Your Cross-Play hosts have some opposing ideas when it comes to this, along with games journalists’ place in E3 in general, so tune in to hear our burnin’ hot takes.

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Image Credit: DeviantArt / Shoppaaaa