No Man’s Sky Cross-Play & Xbox Game Pass opens a new world for everyone

A few weeks ago, Hello Games announced that a No Man’s Sky Xbox Game Pass release was on the way. That’s going to arrive very soon, and that’s not all — No Man’s Sky Cross-Play support is finally going to be making its debut.

“Whilst [the Xbox Gams Pass release is] exciting itself, we’ve been busily working on something else in secret for the last few months,” stated a blog post on the game’s official website. “Something to allow everyone in the community to benefit from the influx of new players that Game Pass brings.”

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“We are excited to be able to announce that, starting tomorrow, PlayStation 4 players, Xbox One players[,] and PC players will all be able to explore, journey, survive, build, and trade together.”

Central to No Man’s Sky Cross-Play is the replacement of the game’s entire network code which allows multiplayer connections across platforms. Players can make cross-platform groups from within the game and then meet up together to have fun! Players on your own system will be represented by an icon of your platform; players on other systems will be represented by a controller icon.

No Man's Sky Cross-Play Xbox Game Pass wave

Another new addition is a friends system for No Man’s Sky; this is an essential upgrade for Cross-Play support. Friends can be added simply by standing face-to-face with a player and performing a simple interaction. These friends can be managed on a new screen in the Network Options page.

Aside from the No Man’s Sky Cross-Play support being added, the game has finally set a firm date for it’s Xbox Game Pass release. As part of this update, a Windows 10 version of the game has been created and will be available for purchase on the Microsoft Store when this whole thing kicks off. The No Man’s Sky Xbox Game Pass release date will be June 11, 2020.

That’s right, you’ll be able to play this great exploration game together with your friends on multiple platforms and via Xbox Game Pass starting tomorrow. There’s a whole galaxy out there to explore, and now you won’t have to go it alone.