Cross-Play Podcast Episode 13: MMO Money, MMO Problems

The Cross-Play podcast is back with another episode, now stretching beyond its fourth month of embedding itself in your earholes. Dedicated to discussions surrounding the biggest movers and shakers in the gaming industry, this week the Cross-Play boys shared their thoughts on Fallout 76, considering whether or not it’s more exciting than a single-player Fallout game. With Chandler still being heavily invested in Destiny 2, your Cross-Play hosts run down their thoughts on if Bethesda can offer the same kind of addictive shared world experience as Bungie.

Elsewhere in the podcast, we find out what Jason picked up on his most recent trip to the video store (spoiler: it wasn’t great), what we think of the No Man’s Sky NEXT update, what we want to see in God of War 2 and much, much more!

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