The Best Anime of Summer 2018

This year’s anime summer season packs a bit of fun for everyone. Fans of popular action-heavy shows like Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, and Overlord have the chance to check out the third seasons of each respective franchise. Longtime patrons of the medium will be able to finally view the much-anticipated return of FLCL. New shows like Angels of Death, Cells at Work, and Island fill in the gap for horror, comedy, and science fiction fans, too. The following is a list of all the anime that should be on your radar this season. It beats going outside in the blistering sun, right?

Summer 2018 Anime – My Hero Academia Season 3

My Hero Academia Jump Force, anime

Image courtesy of Studio Bones

Though My Hero Academia‘s third season officially started in the spring, the second half is set to debut this summer. When fans last left Class 1A, Deku and his friends successfully managed to rescue Bakugo from the clutches of the League of Villains. Though they all broke free unscathed, All Might was left to deal with his arch-nemesis, All For One, alone. The two battled it out, with the overpowered villain eventually falling at the hands of the blonde-haired wonder. It came at the price of All Might’s last bit of Quirk.

The second half of this season will attempt to answer what Deku will become with the near loss of his icon. It will also follow the entire class as each student tries to secure his or her provisional hero license during an intense battle among some of the greatest schools in the country.

Summer 2018 Anime – Attack on Titan Season 3


Image courtesy of Wit Studio

The third season of acclaimed anime franchise Attack on Titan premieres this summer, following the events taking place immediately after the shocking revelations unveiled in season two. Levi and his new squad are to escort Eren and Historia safely into town to seal the wall ripped apart by Annie. Unfortunately, they are met with resistance by a mysterious man named Kenny, who claims to have raised Levi as a child.

This season will assuredly put titan fights on hold to focus on the political intrigue of the universe. With 24 episodes confirmed for this run, fans are bound to discover just as many mind-numbing secrets as they’ve come to expect from the franchise’s past.

Summer 2018 Anime – FLCL Progressive


Image courtesy of Production I.G

Anyone remember FLCL? The series is back after seventeen years with the first of two sequels this summer. This first iteration follows a teenage girl named Hidomi whose boring life is turned outside down when a familiar pink-haired bass guitarist shows up as a teacher to her school. Hidomi is soon caught in the midst of conflict between two cosmic entities that is far beyond the comprehension of any ordinary human being. As if all of this didn’t sell you already, the show’s soundtrack is absolutely amazing, too.

Summer 2018 Anime – Angels of Death


Image courtesy of J.C. Staff

Angels of Death is based off the horror RPG of the same name and follows a 13-year-old girl named Rachel who mysteriously wakes up in an abandoned building with no way out. She teams up with a bandaged scythe-wielder named Issac to figure out how exactly they can escape their prison. After defeating every serial killer that supposedly lies on each floor, Issac will end up killing Rachel, too, as per her request. It’s suffice to say that tons of screaming, blood, and killing (of course) await eager horror fans this summer. Thanks for that, Angels of Death. We appreciate it.

Summer 2018 Anime – Cells at Work


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Chances are that you’ve probably seen some memes of this show floating around the internet already. The platelets are pretty cute, after all. Cells at Work is a workplace comedy that portrays anthropomorphized versions of cells interacting with one another in order to keep the human they reside in functioning and healthy. It’s designed to actually teach audiences more about the inner-workings of our bodies, kind of like The Magic School Bus. Hey, you’ve got to hand it to Japan. They’ve got a lot of imagination over there.

Summer 2018 Anime – Overlord III


Image courtesy of Madhouse

Originally aired in 2015, Overlord is back with more badassery this summer. For those unfamiliar with the show’s premise, it stars a skeletal mage named Ainz Ooal Gown, a man who is the only human player remaining in a virtual reality game that has been discontinued. He isn’t alone, however, as all the NPCs left behind now have minds of their own. Each obeys Ainz’s commands religiously as the mad leader attempts to capture the entire world under his rule.

Seeing as how the first season portrayed the first three volumes of the light novel and second comprised of volumes four to six, it’s a given that this next season will cover volumes seven to nine. Overlord III will essentially portray the daily lives of Ainz Ooal Gown and his Nazarick guild and include flashbacks to Carne Village. For those that don’t recall, this is the area where Ainz first saved a group of human NPCs from annihilation. Though it’s anyone’s guess as to how this season will end, the source material points to all-out war. The potential is exciting, at the very least.

Summer 2018 Anime – Island


Image courtesy of Feel

Island tells the story of the once-rich isle of Urashima, whose beauty has fallen to the wayside after financial ruin. Three families govern the municipality but refuse to interact to solve the island’s problems. Three young girls from each lineage harbor unjustified hate for one another as a result. Little do they know that the key to restoring their island lies in the three of them coming together. This is according to a mysterious man who washes up on shore, claiming to be from the future. Is he telling the truth, or is he just spouting nonsense? Fans will have to watch the show to find out.

What anime are you watching this summer? What shows have completely taken over your life recently? Let us know in the comments below!