Letter From the Editor: GameRevolution’s Big-Ass August

When I took over GameRevolution last year, the site was in a period of transition. With just three staff members (myself included), we worked our backsides off to get to a point where we could begin reinvesting, transforming GameRevolution into something bigger and better than it ever had been. Fast-forward to today and I’m pleased to say that GR now has its largest workforce ever, with a bunch of new faces joining the site this month, giving us a 20-plus strong team of editors, writers, and more, contributing to GR’s Big-Ass August.

So what is so Big-Ass about this August in particular? For starters, we’ve debuted our brand new Tech and Geek Culture channels. These channels will swiftly fill up with a bunch of features, news, and other cool stuff pertaining to the latest hardware, software, tabletop games, CCGs, anime, and more. You’ll be seeing a bunch of coverage in these channels from all of GR’s writers, with our new staff members Josh Brown and Jay Everitt leading the charge.

If you’ve been tuning into our Twitch channel, then you’ll know that we hosted a very successful giveaway recently, awarding one of our loyal viewers a Nintendo Switch. This month we’re hosting two more giveaways, putting a Switch, PS4 Slim, or Xbox One S up for grabs, alongside a game for these consoles. You can follow us on Twitch to automatically be entered into the giveaways, and follow us on Twitter where we’ll be announcing the winners of the giveaways at the end of the month!

But that’s not all! We’ve also brought in a whole bunch of talented feature writers, who will be complementing our regular coverage with a bunch of in-depth, long-form articles, along with more opinionated pieces for you to sound off about in our comments section. GR is going to feature a whole bunch of unique and interesting voices from a diverse range of backgrounds, so we plan to have something for everyone published on the site throughout the rest of the year.

Thanks for continuing to support the site, and we look forward to seeing you in the comments!