Tell GR: What is the Weirdest Game Glitch You’ve Experienced?

We’ve all been there; you’re happily completing an objective in a game, minding your own business, then suddenly your player-character’s animations go off-the-wall and his legs seem to be stuck in the Twilight Zone. Or you may be driving a car around an open-world when suddenly half of it becomes inexplicably jammed inside a building, exploding in a confused mess while AI bystanders try to comprehend what they’ve just witnessed.

Glitches can sometimes be so invasive that they ruin a game, while other times they somehow make the game better. In a time where patches are issued with increasing frequency, glitches are becoming far less commonplace than they used to be, though many still slip under the radar and make their way into finished games. So we want to know: what is the weirdest game glitch you’ve ever experienced? As per usual, leave your response in the comments section below. We’ll feature our favorite comment!