What Are You Playing? Flipping Death, Pool Panic, and Viewtiful Joe

This week hasn’t seen any particularly major releases, with August continuing to plod along as the mighty September waiting just around the corner. But while we’ve yet to get our hands on Spider-Man, we’ve managed to try out a bunch of indie games, a couple of old-school classics, along with diving into World of Warcraft and League of Legends again because we apparently don’t value our time.

As usual, tell us what you’ve been playing this week in the comments below!

Paul Tamburro: I’ve been playing League of Legends. This is roughly the thirtieth time I have tried to get into it, and will likely be the thirtieth time I have failed to do so. A few friends have been trying to show me the ropes, but I figure that I am beyond held at this point. Back to Overwatch.

Astrid Johnson:  I’ve just started playing Pool Panic, a lovely little indie game that I first tried the proof-of-concept of in 2016. It’s the “world’s least realistic pool simulator,” and the humor is dark but silly enough to take off the edge.

Adam Johnson: In preparation for the upcoming F1 2018 I’ve actually dusted off F1 2010, Codemasters’ first console release in the F1 franchise. It’s a fascinating historical footnote in terms of how far the franchise has come since then, AND it still holds up and is good fun to play!

Janet Garcia: I’ve been playing Flipping Death, a puzzle platformer developed by Zoink Games. The writing is witty and the character physics are goofy/amusing. By far the best element of the game is the art style which looks like if Tim Burton made a pop-up, picture book.

Aimee Hart: I’ve been playing Angels of Death, a fun, horror indie game that was originally made on RPG Maker. It combines a dark, gritty storyline with puzzles and interesting characters. I’m definitely tempted to watch the anime after it, as I’m really enjoying what the game has offered so far.

Bradley Russell: I’ve dusted off Viewtiful Joe this week. Okay, I actually bought it fiver because I felt guilty at never having played this supposed classic and… it’s alright. The combat is pretty great and the bosses are brilliant but — at about halfway through — I’m still waiting to be properly wowed.

Ginny Woo: I’m jumping back into World of Warcraft in preparation for Battle for Azeroth. Catching up on who’s murdered who since the last factional genocide event has been more time-consuming than expected. When I’m not shaking my fist at Blizzard, I’ve been trying to beat the Behemoth in Monster Hunter World. The FFXIV collab just dropped and I have two words: it hurts.