The RESIDENT EVIL 2 REMAKE reveal at E3 2018 showed that we’re getting far more than a simple remaster. Instead, RE2 Remake seems to go beyond even the remake of Resident Evil for the GameCube in how far it changes the game in scope. When the Resident Evil 2 Remake was announced, fans were thrilled with just the thought of having the original game updated to use modern gameplay and graphics. Instead, we’re getting a whole new version of Resident Evil 2 with a firm foundation in the original, but with almost every aspect expanded and tweaked to make an entirely new game.

Every asset for RE2 Remake is being built from scratch, so to track every single change from the original to the new game would be an exercise in futility. What we want to do is take a look at the sources we have so far (trailers, gameplay demos) and show what major aspects of the game have changed when it comes to what path you’ll take through the game, how the layout of environments have changed, and what route the story seems to be taking this time. This is far from a comprehensive list, but we hope to put down what we know so far about the Resident Evil 2 Remake to paint a picture of what you can expect out of the starting moments of the new game.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Changes: How it Begins

Unfortunately, the gameplay demos we’ve seen so far don’t show the beginning of the game. All the gameplay of the RE2 Remake we’ve seen so far has been set in the beginning areas of the Raccoon City Police Department. However, the two reveal trailers show scenes from all over the game, some of which seem to be from around the time when Leon enters Raccoon City for the first time.

We know that the basic premise for Claire and Leon’s arrival is still basically the same. Leon is a new recruit for the RPD who is coming to Raccoon City to start his new job. What is a bit different about Leon’s story is that we do hear a line in the gameplay demo that indicates that Leon was warned to stay away from Raccoon City because of the outbreak. This actually explains why he’s dressed in riot gear when he arrives in town instead of a standard RPD uniform.

We haven’t seen much of Claire yet, but we do know that she still meets Leon sometime before he arrives at the RPD. It does seem like their original meeting at the diner doesn’t occur as the trailers show Leon’s first encounter with a zombie is in the back room of a convenience store or gas station. Leon still enters the RPD from the streets, but it’s likely that we’ll spend more time working our way there than in the original game.

Details on the differences between Claire and Leon’s scenarios haven’t been revealed yet, but it seems like they’ll diverge more than they did in the original. Also, it appears that their stories may be set in stone this time around, so there’s no Scenario A and B, just one version of their respective adventures. Also, it seems like current RE2 established canon of Claire A/Leon B might be out the window (if RE2 Remake‘s story takes any cues from the scenario system at all) since the gate Leon sees Claire at in the computer monitor at the end of the gameplay demo is the same one you use to enter the rear area of the RPD in Scenario B in the original RE2.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Changes: Characters

From the trailers and gameplay demos of the RE2 Remake, we can confirm that pretty much every character from the original game will return. If they haven’t been directly shown, then there are sound clips in the demos playing that clue us in on it. Leon and Claire have received a visual redesign that gives them a more realistic look while remaining faithful to the original. In the material, we’ve seen so far though we’ve only gotten really good looks at Leon, Claire, and Marvin. Even Sherry was a bit hard to make out in the trailer. It’s likely other returning characters will also be slightly altered, though Marvin’s remake design is extremely close to the original.

While the characters we’ve seen so far seem to fulfill much of the same role as they did in the original game, we know that some of them are going to get a lot more screen time. Marvin Branagh, as we’ve seen from the footage released so far, has a much-expanded role in the game. Instead of giving Leon the Blue Keycard and then dying, he actually saves Leon’s life during their initial meeting, and he plays a support role in the early part of the game by letting you know what your objectives should be and giving you info about the RPD.

Another RPD officer with a slightly expanded role is Elliot Edward. In the original RE2, Elliot was the cop who accidentally shot down the helicopter in Scenario B while being attacked by zombies. In the remake, he meets another grisly end, but this time you meet him in the first floor east wing as he’s trying to outrun a horde of zombies. He has information on how to safely escape the police station, information you get via his notebook after you try to save him.

It’s likely we’ll run into new characters and get to see more of ones that played bit roles in the original game. From some clues we’ve seen in the gameplay demo, the insanity of Chief Irons will become even more apparent in the remake, and we’ll likely get to know characters like Annette Birkin, William Birkin, Ben Bertolucci, and others even better.