Here are the Hottest Upcoming September 2018 Games

With the summer drought now finally out of the way, some of the year’s biggest video game releases are now upon us. From action adventure titles set in the sprawling metropolis of New York City to battlefields riddled with some of the best strategic combat the medium has to offer, this month has no shortage of compelling games to pick up. The following is a list of September 2018 games that fans can fans can finally get their hands on very soon. Just remember to enjoy that last bit of warm weather while you still can!

September 2018 Games: Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

Dragon Quest Composer, September 2018 Games

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age marks a return for the long-running JRPG series on September 4, as its last main iteration focused on the MMO crowd. As a silent protagonist known only as the Luminary, players are tasked with escaping the authorities of Heliodor City after the king decrees that all Luminaries should be sent to jail for conspiring with the darkness.

From this point on, fans are treated to the tremendous open world of Erdrea, where battles run on a traditional turn-based system with no random encounters to muddle the journey along the way. Dragon Quest XI is perfect for anyone that grew up with popular JRPG franchises, cementing it as a bold statement for the genre in modernity.

September 2018 Games: SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy 

September 2018 Games

Switch owners desperate for some fighting game action before Smash Bros. arrives later this year can rest assured knowing that SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy will be arriving on the console on September 7.

This two-on-two brawler can pit up to four friends together online or locally as each combatant utilizes special moves from their Spirit Gauge and special items to change the tide of battle in a matter of seconds. Pooling in some of the SNK universe’s most popular female characters, Heroines looks like the perfect game to play with a group of friends after a long day at work.

September 2018 Games: Spider-Man

September 2018 Games

Spider-Man fans haven’t had the chance to roam around New York City as their favorite web-head for a while now. This changes on September as Insomniac Games (the same studio behind the original Spyro the Dragon trilogy, Ratchet and ClankSunset Overdrive, and upcoming (and promisingStormland) introduces us to their version of the beloved hero.

Spider-Man will have players take on the role of Peter Parker a few years after he’s become the wall-crawler. This experienced iteration of Spidey allows him to utilize a variety of web abilities in his arsenal, including the option to latch onto objects from afar and heave them towards enemies at a distance. Needless to say, this may be one of the biggest games to come out this year. Our review, which is now live, praised the game for its movement, combat, story, and visuals.

September 2018 Games: Shadow of the Tomb Raider

shadow of the tomb raider, September 2018 Games

Featuring an emphasis on gameplay options and the greatest hub area that the rebooted series has seen up until this point, Shadow of the Tomb Raider seeks to outdo everything the new Lara has accomplished since her debut in 2013. Players now have a choice to go into an enemy encampment guns blazing or tactfully get by using stealth. Once Lara is discovered, she can retreat into someplace hidden to throw off her trail, then revise her strategy going forward. Environments have been greatly expanded to allow this, including underwater areas and more hiding spots within the greenery.

The narrative this time around seems to carry more weight, too, as Lara must do her best to thwart an upcoming apocalypse. Shadow of the Tomb Raider may just be the best entry the franchise has ever seen (as our recent preview seems to suggest) with eager fans everywhere undoubtedly biding their time until the game finally releases on September 14.

September 2018 Games: Valkyria Chronicles 4

September 2018 Games, Valkyria Chronicles 4 Release Date

Similarly to Dragon Quest XIValkyria Chronicles 4 promises a return to the strategic JRPG combat found in previous main iterations of the series when it launches in North America and Europe on September 25. Set around the events surrounding the first title, protagonist Claude Wallace must team up with his squad in order successfully execute Operation Northern Cross, whose main objective is to bring the Imperial capitol under Federation control.

Though the signature methodical gameplay of the franchise remains intact, Valkyrie Chronicles 4 adds a few new features into the mix both to keep players on their toes and to pave the way for newcomers. The title introduces a new class, for instance, that can strike at enemies from afar. As daunting as this may sound, the game also includes a feature that allows fallen comrades to get back up once they’re downed. Needless to say, it seems as though Valkyrie Chronicles 4 will offer a lot of variety to players once it launches. Here’s hoping it lives up to the greatness of its predecessors.

September 2018 Games: Life is Strange 2 – Episode 1

September 2018 Games

Little is known about the sequel to the original Life is Strange, appropriately named Life is Strange 2, outside of the fact that it features two brothers named Sean and Daniel who are on the run from authorities after an unknown incident befalls them. Judging from the nature of the series and the cute The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, this sequel will almost assuredly pull at fans’ heartstrings when it launches its first episode on September 27.

Though its anyone’s guess as to what exactly the plot may revolve around this time, it’ll be safe to assume that someone’s powers will be exposed by the time this narrative experience is over. Here’s hoping Max and Chloe make some kind of cameo appearance!

September 2018 boasts some of the best games this console generation has to offer so far, offering options to a wide variety of fans. Though the likes of Rockstar, Ubisoft, EA, and Activision won’t be seen until October and November, this month holds a lot of promise in terms of quality gameplay and narrative. Here’s hoping the rest of the year and beyond follows accordingly.