Timeless PlayStation Games That Need to Be on PlayStation Classic

Sony’s recent announcement of its PlayStation Classic mini-console wasn’t a surprise to many, given the success Nintendo has had with its mini iterations of the NES and SNES. The reaction so far has been mixed, though there’s still a chance for the company to up the excitement come time for this system’s release. The following is a list that breaks down the titles that need to be on the PlayStation Classic. Keep in mind that Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, R4 Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms have all already been confirmed.

PlayStation Classic Games – Twisted Metal

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Sweet Tooth was somewhat synonymous with the PlayStation’s brand back in the day, making his absence in the mini-classic noticeably apparent should the company decide to forgo Twisted Metal. This vehicular combat game is nothing short of a party, offering players the perfect mix of destructible cars and strange tracks to race around in.

PlayStation Classic Games – Silent Hill

PlayStation Classic

Along with Resident Evil, Silent Hill was one PlayStation title responsible for shaping the survival horror genre as we know it today. It starred a man named Harry Mason on the search for his missing daughter in a fictional ghost town called Silent Hill and the title’s greatest strength was in its incredibly foreboding atmosphere. Limited ammo and weaponry in the face of some of gaming’s most grotesque creatures makes the game a remarkable experience even to this day, though its mechanics do feel dated.

PlayStation Classic Games – Bushido Blade

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Bushido Blade is a fighting game that features no health bars or fancy combo moves. Rather, it’s a title that carefully takes into account the minute actions of each player in a match, constantly judging their every attack. Hits to legs, for example, render players slower on the feet. A blow to the head or heart may cripple an opponent entirely.

There’s plenty of variety to find in Bushido Blade, and it’s a surprise that more games haven’t followed its precedent since its release decades ago. Putting this game on the PlayStation Classic might even inspire others to make a game like it.

PlayStation Classic Games – Chrono Cross

PlayStation Classic

Chrono Cross is quite a departure from its predecessor Chrono Trigger, offering innovation in a genre that had become stagnant at the time. The title experimented with gameplay, going so far as to allow players to flee from every battle and introducing a stamina bar that needed to be carefully monitored at all times. It also incorporated a soundtrack featuring live recordings and a narrative that explored the meaning of one’s own identity. Chrono Cross is a great example of the creativity that thrived on the original PlayStation in the 90’s, making in a worthy addition to the mini-console.

PlayStation Classic Games – The Legend of Dragoon

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The Legend of Dragoon was incredibly advanced for its time and is one Sony-owned property that fans have consistently begged the company to develop a sequel for. Though we likely won’t see another iteration anytime soon, an inclusion on Sony’s upcoming “new” classic console would be a nice nod to the title’s vocal following. Seamlessly combining real-time commands with turn-based mechanics, The Legend of Dragoon is a game that feels organic and is a blast to play on its own right.

PlayStation Classic Games – Syphon Filter

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Syphon Filter remains one of PlayStation’s signature exclusive franchises, even if it has been in hibernation since 2007. Melding impressive AI, an expansive weapon arsenal, and an intriguing plot together, the game was far ahead of its counterparts in the stealth genre at the time. A presence in Sony’s upcoming mini-console would be a nice way of showing that the company hasn’t forgotten the franchises that have built the PlayStation’s legacy.

PlayStation Classic Games – Xenogears

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Given how popular the Xeno franchise is to this day, including its precursor, Xenogears, on the PlayStation Classic seems like a no-brainer. Akin to what Neon Genesis Evangelion is to the anime industry, the game delves heavily into religious and philosophical themes — topics that hadn’t typically been touched on before in a medium otherwise filled with good versus evil paradigms. Xenogears on the Classic would encourage hardcore Nintendo fans to purchase the the PlayStation Classic, as they may want to find out how this great JRPG franchise earned the praise it receives today.

PlayStation Classic Games – Persona 2

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The Persona series wouldn’t be what it is today without Persona 2: Innocent Sin and its sequel, Eternal Punishment. Still a (mostly) exclusive Sony franchise after all these years, their inclusion on Classic wouldn’t be much of a surprise, as they can exhibit how far the franchise has evolved since its early days. Featuring turn-based style gameplay alongside the familiar Persona summons (each unique to every character in the game), the games are just as enjoyable on their own right, though do take some time to get used to.

PlayStation Classic Games – Parasite Eve

PlayStation Classic

Parasite Eve is a trip. Melding the survival horror genre with traditional RPG mechanics, the game sees players take on the role of an NYPD officer named Aya Brea as she attempts to escape the calamity brought forth when Mitochondria Eve awakens and kills everything in its sight. Parasite Eve is visceral, unforgiving, and, above all, strange, making it a standout cult classic in the original PlayStation’s library worthy of some spotlight in the 21st century.

PlayStation Classic Games – Metal Gear Solid

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It would be a crime to not include Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation Classic, as the game is responsible for providing the foundation for triple A games as we know them today. Offering compelling stealth mechanics, a gripping story, and memorable boss fights, the title still shines as one of the medium’s greatest achievements. To say more about it would detract from its significance. It’s truly a game that deserves to be played by as many human beings as possible.

There are undoubtedly many, many more PlayStation games (Crash, Spyro, Resident Evil, Castlevania Symphony of the Night)deserving of a spot on Sony’s upcoming mini-console. Though we won’t know what exactly the company has up its sleeves until closer to the system’s release, the possibilities remain enticing.