GR Social: Is it Okay to Play on Easy Mode?

Back in the day, many games were just plain difficult with the player having no say in the matter. If you couldn’t complete a game, you were rarely afforded the opportunity to play on an easier difficulty setting. Nowadays, developers routinely offer up an easy mode for those who are inexperienced, struggling to progress, or who simply want a more relaxed playthrough.

With hard-as-nails series such as Dark Souls proving more and more popular in recent years, there has been something of a backlash against those who enjoy their easy modes. Why? We don’t know. Surely making gaming a more inclusive hobby is better for everyone involved? But people need a reason to be mad, and they are mad as hell when you want to kick back and enjoy a game in peace.

The PlayStation UK Twitter account threw itself into this weird controversy, posting the following adorable message in support of those who prefer easy mode:

But what do you think, GR readers? Are you purists who believe that easy mode isn’t the “correct” way to play a game? Or do you occasionally like giving your brain and thumbs a break by switching over to easy mode?

Let us know in the comments below!