What Are You Playing? October 18th, 2018

Fresh off the launch of Call of Duty Black Ops 4, only a few members of the GR team have been sinking their teeth into Treyarch’s new FPS this week. While there’s plenty to enjoy about the game, from Blackout through to its mysterious Zombies mode, GR’s writers have instead been looking to their back catalogs or other new releases for the past few days.

Take a look at what we’ve been playing below, and as always let the team know what you have been playing in the comments section!


Paul Tamburro: I’ve been playing Black Ops 4. My temporary internet connection isn’t the best, so I’ve been playing with a ping of 142 and presumably flying through the sky like Superman on my opponents’ screens. Unfortunately, the game’s already questionable hit detection hasn’t been helped my internet troubles, so I’m currently the most useless teammate anyone could ask for.

David Lozada: I’m playing through Doki Doki Literature Club! again. My girlfriend walked in just as I was romancing Natsuki in the kitchen. She promptly backed away and closed the door slowly behind her. It was for the best.

Bradley Russell: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. They weren’t wrong about it being an Odyssey, were they? I’m 7 hours in and feel utterly exhausted and broken by the fact I’m only level 13 with, probably, another 40-plus hours ahead of me. It’s pretty fun, though I’m growing pretty tired of this long games = good mentality.

Matt Leonard: Dark Souls Remastered on Switch! I’ve been eagerly awaiting the online servers while reviewing the game, and I wanna finish my new game plus run while helping others through cooperative play. I’ll probably jump back into Destiny 2 and start playing Forsaken this weekend, some friends have convinced me to get back into it.

Brian Bell: That new Swery joint, The Missing. Outside of needing a proper October game to satiate my spoop and scare quota, Swery’s mind is one that always has something new to discover. Weird as hell is totally my aesthetic.

Jason Onorad: I’ll be playing the new PC horror game Infliction. Being a huge horror fan, I have been eagerly awaiting this game. The demo on Steam was terrifying and gave me PT, Silent Hill, and Gone Home vibes while paying homage to legendary horror movies and TV shows. I can’t wait to turn down the lights and scare myself silly.