Tell GR: What is the Best Video Game Ending Ever?

Nowadays, video games are 1,500 hours long and you’ll only complete them if you choose not to sleep for an entire week. However, over the years we’ve actually been able to witness plenty of great video game endings, which expertly wrapped up our time spent with a game. But what are some of the most satisfying or memorable conclusions you’ve experienced?

Over the years, developers have acquired the tools to flesh out their ideas when it comes to storytelling. With vaster worlds to explore and games increasingly becoming more cinematic, great stories often conclude with great endings. But even in the early days of gaming, plenty of devs were delivering impactful stories by primitive means.

A personal favorite ending of mine is the conclusion to The Last of UsThough it’s far from a “satisfying” finale, with it leaving a lot of loose ends, it was perfectly in-keeping with Joel and Ellie’s personalities. In fact, the ending was so memorable that many didn’t want to even see a sequel.

But what’s your favorite video game ending? Which finale stands head-and-shoulders above the rest? As always, let us know in the comments section below, and we’ll feature our favorite comment of the bunch.