The Best Halloween 2018 Events You Can Play Right Now

The scariest time of the year is back and better than ever, bringing with it a ton of worthwhile in-game festivities to check out in some of the most popular online titles on the market right now. From first-person shooters to card games, these special limited-time offerings suit a wide variety of gaming tastes. Rest assured that the games on this list of the best Halloween 2018 events are each seeped in that signature October charm we’ve come to love every autumn. Let the frights finally begin.

Best Halloween 2018 Events – Haunted Hallows (Rocket League)

Best Halloween 2018 Events

Rocket League‘s Haunted Hallows returns this year, running now until November 5. Drivers can accrue a special currency called “Candy Corn” while playing online matches that can be used to purchase limited edition, Halloween-themed wheels, decals, and toppers. They can also obtain a “Gold Pumpkin” that grants them a customization item from the Nitro, Turbo, or Player’s choice crates. The “Candy Corn” currency expires on November 8, so eager players should jump in on this speeding bandwagon now before it’s too late.

Best Halloween 2018 Events – Halloween Terror (Overwatch)

Best Halloween 2018 Events

The fable of Junkenstein’s monster lives on through this year’s Halloween Terror event in Overwatch. Running only until October 31, heroes are able to participate in two distinct PvE modes (Classic Mode and Endless Night) as well as collect a variety of new spooky skins, emotes, sprays, and more.  Every other previously released Halloween skin will be back during this time too, aiding heroes in their quest to look wickedly good during every match.

Best Halloween 2018 Events – The Witching Hour (DC Universe Online)

Best Halloween 2018 Events

DC Universe Online‘s The Witching Hour is also running until October 31. This quest rewards players with Halloween-themed feats, collections, and items for their base should they be able to complete it in time. Heroes must visit the safehouse in Gotham City’s East End and speak with the Phantom Stranger there to initiate the event, whereas villains must visit the Tap Room in Burnley to speak to Tala. In either case, players must be at level 10 or higher in order to participate.

Best Halloween 2018 Events – Hallow’s End (Hearthstone)

Best Halloween 2018 Events

The Hallow’s End event returns this year to Hearthstone, once again gifting fans a free golden Witch’s Cauldron card just for logging in. Running until October 31, players will also be able to take on the Headless Horseman during a new tavern brawl, the likes of which now features characters from the title’s Monster Hunt mode. There’s a special dual class arena and a new paladin hero to enjoy, too, plus all those great Hallow’s End emotes we’ve come to love throughout the years.

Best Halloween 2018 Events – Festival of the Lost (Destiny 2)

Best Halloween 2018 Events

Bungie is offering a new event called the Haunted Forest during this year’s Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2. In it, guardians must travel deep within a spooky enclave and clear out all the enemies that lie in wait within 15 minutes. Aside from this, the Festival also offers new masks, exclusive items, a new quest line to solve a murder, and more Ephemeral Engrams that can be used to fill up that good old XP bar.

It also brings the addition of a new auto rifle called the Horror Story and the return of an Iron Banner event, the likes of which makes it easy for guardians to pick up powerful gear. The Festival of the Lost runs until November 6.

Best Halloween 2018 Events – Dark Harvest (Dauntless)

Best Halloween 2018 Events

Dauntless‘ Dark Harvest event lasts until November 1 and introduces a new doomsday cult called the Unseen. This group has been making a series of coded call-outs for quite some time now, indicating the presence of a more sinister threat lurking just around the corner. A new Behemoth lies in wait in the Shattered Isles, plus the event offers new limited-time cosmetics and other exclusive in-game items. That’s not to mention that the entire hub city of Ramsgate is covered in darkness in celebration of the holiday.

Best Halloween 2018 Events – Mad Games (World of Tanks Blitz)

Best Halloween 2018 Events

What makes World of Tanks Blitz‘s limited Mad Games mode so special is that it’s partially the product of Peter Pound, the principle vehicle designer behind the sensational Mad Max: Fury Road. It’s essentially a match made in heaven… or hell, in this case. Regardless, two specially designed, limited edition tanks will be available during the event, the likes of which lasts until November 12. The first is the V level Scavenger and the second is the VII level Gravedigger. It’s needless to say that both pack a pretty impressive punch.

As in the game’s prior Halloween-themed events, a new map is also available. In line with the aforementioned tanks and Peter Pond’s genius, this arena boasts a unique post-apocalyptic vibe plus features sandstorms and special abilities like invisibility. The icing on the cake is that all of the title’s tanks from past Halloween events make a return as well. If you’re looking for mayhem this October, you really can’t go wrong with World of Tanks Blitz.

Best Halloween 2018 Events – Hauntfest (H1Z1)

Best Halloween 2018 Events

H1Z1 fans receive a free battle pass just for logging in during the game’s Hauntfest, which runs now until November 6. Special “Treat Crates” will be available for players to earn so long as they complete challenges and raise their season level. Each crate nets users special Halloween-themed costumes, though each is unfortunately obtained at random.

Hauntfest also brings a new arcade mode that features candy spread out all across the map. Each sweet piece grants fans accelerated speeds, though consuming too much will blur the player’s vision. It’s pretty accurate to real life, I’d say.

It seems as though this Halloween has more treats than tricks in store for gaming fans. Regardless of your preference, there’s bound to be some event on this list that suits your fancy. Participating in any of these digital festivities will sure help you drown out all of those trick-or-treaters, too. You’ll just have to mind the time while you play, as this year’s holiday falls on a Wednesday. Nobody wants to wake up as a zombie on Thursday, after all.