What Are You Playing? November 2nd, 2018

Red Dead Redemption 2 is understandably eating up a lot of the GR team’s free time this week, with Rockstar’s beastly open world game sucking away all of our free time. However, at least two of us have decided to branch out and play something else this week. Check out what we’ve been digging into, and as always let us know the games you’ve been playing this week in the comments section below!

Paul Tamburro: Yep, just like everyone else, I’m playing Red Dead Redemption 2. I have a very love/hate relationship with, in that it’s very difficult to not be bowled over by the sheer attention to detail invested in almost every element of it, while I also find it to be one of the most inherently aggravating games I’ve played in recent memory. I’m sorry, I know it’s supposed to be quote-unquote “realistic,” but I don’t want the entirety of America hunting me down because I gently nudged someone with my fucking horse.

Jason Faulkner: Still plugging away at Red Dead Redemption 2. There’s such a massive amount of things to see and do in this game. I love just fishing and hunting and chilling out and I’m excited to see how Red Dead Online is going to turn out with the less frantic atmosphere.

Bradley Russell: I actually started Shadow of the Tomb Raider today. It’s a pretty promising start, too, with more emphasis on, y’know, raiding tombs than either of the first two rebooted games seem to manage. The combat is still a little floaty and I’m not down with Lara and her supporting cast dropping f-bombs, but it’s going to be a nice palate cleanser after I’ve gorged myself on AAA open-world games recently.

Michael Leri: I just couldn’t get into Red Dead Redemption 2 so I ended up digging through my backlog for other games. I’ve been running through Splinter Cell Conviction, the original Doom, and Shovel Knight, which I finally finished the other day. I needed some palate cleansers and these are all doing the job nicely.

Mack Ashworth: Red Dead Redemption 2 is still sucking up all of my time. I’m being the good guy on my personal save, but an evil outlaw on my streaming save. It’s the best of both worlds!

David Lozada: I stumbled onto Steam for the first time in forever to replay Half-Life the other day and ended up playing Portal 2 instead. I forgot how much I loved this series’ dry sense of humor. Oh, and the gameplay is pretty great too. Why does Valve insist on not giving us a sequel? What have we done to upset our corporate overlord this severely?