The Hardest PlayStation Platinum Trophies Ever

Over 10 years since their debut on PlayStation 3, it’s hard to imagine a world where Sony’s trophy system doesn’t exist. Spawning a devoted fan base who call themselves “trophy hunters,” this reward system has become a natural part of gaming’s modern ecosystem. Though some titles like Hannah Montana can be used to easily inflate one’s PSN level, other games can prove to be quite hard to complete. The following are some of the hardest PlayStation platinum trophies that fans can try to acquire should they feel particularly brave one day or want to put their skills to the limit.

Hardest PlayStation Platinum Trophies – Gran Turismo 5

PlayStation Platinum Trophies

Acquiring Gran Turismo 5‘s “The Gold Standard” trophy is a challenge that very few people in the world have dared to face. It requires that racers “get a gold trophy in every race event, license test, and special event,” or essentially win at everything the game offers. This seems simple and is actually realizable until the very end, where players are asked to complete two laps on the difficult Suzuka Circuit in under two minutes and ten seconds.

That may not sound like much until you’re behind the steering wheel. Players realize here that the F1 car they’re given controls horribly with a DualShock controller and zooms down the track at unrealistic speeds. It practically requires that fans purchase a steering wheel controller just to get a handle for the vehicle. Suffice it to say, attaining Gran Turismo 5‘s platinum is not for the faint of heart.

Hardest PlayStation Platinum Trophies – Titan Souls

PlayStation Platinum Trophies

Any game that adopts a “Souls” moniker is practically guaranteed to be hard at this point. Titan Souls is an excruciatingly difficult title that tasks players with fighting a series of tough bosses. Though the premise sounds straightforward, the game’s trophies will make you wince in pain just by reading their descriptions.

“Iron Human” requires fans to complete the game on Iron Mode, which sends them back to the very beginning of the title should they lose a single life. “Iron Titan” also requires players to complete Iron Mode, though the difficulty setting must be set to Hard. “Aerodynamics” requires fans to complete the game in under 20 minutes—a simple feat considering the aforementioned trophies. Titan Souls is seriously no joke.

Hardest PlayStation Platinum Trophies – Mirror’s Edge

PlayStation Platinum Trophies

Mirror’s Edge‘s trophy list is littered with challenges that will test your ability to keep your controller intact. The game’s trophies measure player speed runs down to the millisecond, after all, requiring players to complete time trials in each of the title’s chapters. Fans must memorize spots to jump or slide like the back of their hands to maintain flawless precision. One slight misstep could cost a trophy. The perfection need for Mirror’s Edge‘s platinum will no doubt give anxiety to even the most accomplished trophy hunters out there. [Editor’s Note: I have 187 platinums and this one broke me. – Michael Leri]

Hardest PlayStation Platinum Trophies – Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

PlayStation Platinum Trophies

It shouldn’t be a surprise that a Ninja Gaiden game has found its way onto this list, seeing how this long-running Japanese series is perhaps best known for its grueling difficulty settings. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is more challenging than any game before it, however, especially for trophy hunters.

One trophy in particular requires fans to obtain a Master Ninja rank on every chapter while playing on Master Ninja difficulty. For those that don’t know, Master Ninja mode makes every enemy much harder to defeat plus makes every playable character more susceptible to damage. Acquiring the Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 platinum trophy essentially demands that you be a ninja in real life, at least as far as mental fortitude is concerned.

Hardest PlayStation Platinum Trophies – Wipeout HD

PlayStation Platinum Trophies

Though very few of Wipeout HD‘s trophies are easy given how players are racing down tracks at 500 miles per hour, the two that are arguably the most difficult are “Beat Zico” and “Elite Campaign Legend.” The former tasks fans with zooming across Anulpha Pass in under 30.82 seconds, a feat that requires racers to barrel roll at precise moments just to maintain the appropriate speed.

The latter challenges players with earning a gold medal in every race on Elite difficulty. If one thing’s for certain, you better be a huge racing fan with exceptional skills if you have plans on acquiring WipEout HD‘s platinum trophy anytime soon.

Hardest PlayStation Platinum Trophies – Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

PlayStation Platinum Trophies

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition‘s trophies test both your hand-eye coordination and your sanity. For starters, they require that players complete the game on each of its difficulties individually. They then go a step further and task fans with securing S-ranks on each stage.

There’s also Devil May Cry 4‘s Bloody Palace mode trophies to consider, the likes of which require players to complete a series of difficult challenges with each of the game’s playable characters. Seeing as how fans can’t save, there are no additional items, and there are 101 random levels to complete, getting this title’s platinum trophy won’t be easy.

Hardest PlayStation Platinum Trophies – The Elder Scrolls Online

PlayStation Platinum Trophies

The majority of The Elder Scrolls Online‘s trophies aren’t too hard to acquire. Most task players with completing side quests or exploring parts of the map and can be unlocked naturally just by playing the game. One trophy, however, is nearly impossible to get. “Emperor!” requires fans to secure the top spot on the game’s PvP leaderboards.

There’s no work around aside from diligently training to become the very best warrior in The Elder Scrolls Online. Seeing as how you’ll have hundreds of other players to fight on your quest for this one trophy, be prepared to invest a lot of time and patience.

There are few better feelings out there than hearing the satisfying “ping” of an unlocked PlayStation trophy. An even better feeling is being able to see 100 percent completion next to any game in your PSN profile. Most of the time, earning a platinum trophy is no easy task. You should be proud of those platinum trophies you do have, even if Hannah Montana is among them.