Tell GR: What Games Did You Get For Christmas?

Christmas has now come and gone, leaving us with little more than decorations to pull down, a few extra pounds to lose, and a present or two. Chances are a few of your gifts this were gaming-themed, with many waiting for December 25th to dive into the year’s big releases. So what games did you receive this year?

Considering that I spend every day managing this here website about video games, I had caught up with every game I wanted to play in 2018. However, I did have quite a few tabletop games I wanted to try out, and I was fortunate enough to receive them this year.

Scythe, a resource management game with an incredible dieselpunk art style, is a game I’ve been wanting to play for a while now, so I was very happy when it appeared beneath our tree this year. I also received Star Wars Imperial Assault, a tactical combat game with some excellent miniatures, along with the Magic the Gathering core set. I haven’t played MtG in years, and it seems like a lot has changed since I first picked it up in the early 2000s. Now I just need to convince everyone else to pick up some cards, and I’ll have a new hobby I can throw money at.

Let us know what games you received for Christmas this year, and as always we’ll feature our favorite response in tomorrow’s Tell GR.

Yesterday’s Best Comment

Question: What Is Your Favorite Christmas Gaming Memory?

Zap Rowsdower: “Getting my Sega Genesis in 94. Before then I mostly played on my NES, so getting a Genesis was pretty exciting for me. It came with Taz Escape from Mars and Road Rash 2. I played Road Rash 2 religiously and it’s still one of my favorite games.

A couple Christmases later my dad found someone looking to sell their N64, so we traded that same Genesis + cash for his N64 with Mario 64 and Shadow of the Empire.

Great memories. I had a blast with both systems, but playing games like Goldeneye, Zelda, and WWF games with friends over the years made the N64 my favorite console of all time(PS1 is a close 2nd).”