Which PS4 Concepts Will Be Closest To The Real Thing?

Ever since the Playstation 3 arrived, it's been fun speculating what the PlayStation 4 might look like. Perhaps Sony's mock ad for the Playstation 9 has deceived us with illusions of grandeur, particularly when you look at the fan concepts for the PlayStation 4 below, but maybe (just maybe) one of these is close to the truth.

We already have several alleged pics of the PlayStation 4 controller, so that removes some of the validity of the concepts below. Which do you believe are more likely than the others?

Concept 1 – A futuristic white/plastic interface. A bit farfetched?


Concept 2 – This imagines the PS4 block to be a rounded tower. Can it be laid flat?


Concept 3 – Another futuristic Tron-esque take on the PlayStation 4. Stands up more like a Wii.


Concept 4 – The controller looks far too dubious, but the rounded console with a flat surface looks neat.


Concept 5 – The controller is among the closest to the alleged controller. An interesting profile for the console.


Concept 6 – Both console and controller are rather conservative, no?


Concept 7 – Much like Concept 1, except a black version and also a more landscape-oriented console.


Concept 8 – Will Sony abandon their black motif for blood red?


Concept 9 – Another silly controller and a discus PS4 with which I can throw this away.


Concept LOL – I like my games lightly toasted.


Concept LOL 2 – Well, at least it's got multiplayer…