Top 10 game-changing pickups in Fortnite

Picture this. You just thanked the bus driver and your diving headfirst into Tilted Towers. You’re on a hot streak and you want to end the night with a bang. What do you hope pops up out of your first loot chest? What weapon do you want to see behind the bathroom door? Throughout Fortnite‘s battle royale history, there have been plenty of answers to this question. The Vault is overflowing with weapons and items that were out of sync with the rest of the arsenal. Every few months, Epic tries to right its wrongs, but it’s sometimes a blast just to break the rules.

Looking back across their entire history, we were able to find a set of ten weapons that always made the difference. Some only lasted a few days in game, others are still with us today. Either way, any one of them could pop up again as a part of Epic’s ongoing seasonal schedule. So, learn up on some of Fortnite‘s most game-changing pickups and you’ll be ready whenever the developers decide to break the game once again.

Whether it’s the outlandish Zapotron or the more grounded Mounted Turret, Fortnite‘s unique art style lets it run the gauntlet when it comes to adding new tools of destruction. If we make this list again in a year, what could be on it? A freeze ray? Captain America’s shield? A grenade that summons a bunch of zombies at your command?

Or maybe we’ll just see more Mythic drops from Epic’s past games. Most probably wouldn’t mind seeing the Infinity Blade back in action as a tribute to those now-removed games. Or perhaps some Unreal Tournament shock combos or Redeemer crossovers could appear in a loot chest. After all, it’s not like they’re going to appear in their own game for a long, long time.