10 Disney worlds we’d love to see in Kingdom Hearts

It seems like the Kingdom Hearts franchise has covered everything a fan of the Mouse could want. With the brand-new Kingdom Hearts 3 diving into the realms of Pixar, Sora and company have visited all the locales you’d expect from a Disney nostalgia trip. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t further worlds to conquer. Between acquisitions and more obscure corners of their history, there are plenty of places that could house a level in Square’s venerable RPG franchise.

In this list, we wanted to hit every corner of Disney: the theme parks, untouched animated films, even their live action history. Some may take some introduction to the younger fans, but Disney should see this franchise as an exploration of their history. Just as Smash Bros. covers all of Nintendo’s back catalog, Kingdom Hearts has always had that same potential. They just need to unlock it with the Keyblade that represents untapped potential. Just go through the lore, I’m sure we’ll find something like that.

Jokes aside, there’s no reason to see Hercules show up again when there are so many other signature characters to choose from, especially since Hercules wasn’t even that good of a film. Still, it seems inevitable that we’ll see the Olympus Coliseum show up for one reason or another. Before we head to Olympus once again, here’s a collection of 10 potential new locales for the next great sequel in the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

Some choices are more obvious than others. Disney has brought in both Marvel and Star Wars in the years since the last proper sequel. It only makes sense that they’d make a big splash in the next game in the series. Would we have to wait another decade for a possible Kingdom Hearts 4? Or will Square surprise us with spin-offs based on these huge properties? Only time will tell.