Top 10 obscure Kingdom Hearts cameos

It’s the idea of Kingdom Hearts that keeps the franchise going. Through the mobile spin-offs and convoluted plotting, the ability to see all these Disney characters interacting in a complex RPG really appeals to a wide swath of people. When you’re building out such a game, you want to bring in the most recognizable names and worlds. Especially now that Disney has greatly expanded, there are plenty of choices. This wasn’t always the case.

Before Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars made half of all fictional characters into Disney property, Kingdom Hearts was painting with a much smaller palate. There are plenty of characters that we forget about now, but they graced Square’s RPG mix-up with the same importance as Mickey Mouse or Maleficent. So, on the eve of Kingdom Hearts 3‘s epic unveiling to the world, let’s take a look at the friends we’ve forgotten about along the way.

Looking to the future, what other weird side characters could show up in Kingdom Hearts? It’s almost a shame that there isn’t a game that coincided with the time of Disney Infinity. We may have seen introductions of Spot from The Good Dinosaur or the cast of Mars Needs Moms! Maybe even Johnny Depp’s less than stellar representation of Tonto from The Lone Ranger! After all, they are about as likely as Chicken Little appearing as a summon.

At least it’s probably safe to say that we won’t see most of these characters return in Kingdom Hearts 3. Unless you’re a wizard of some kind, then you’re vital to recovering the hearts of some main character. Said character needs 10 princesses to wake them from an alternate dimension so they can rescue Basil of Baker Street.  Or something like that. Call me heartless, but I still can’t sort through the weaving web of storylines in this series. Not even for a level-length Tron cameo.