Tell GR | What game deserves its own Netflix series?

Resident Evil is reportedly set to receive its own Netflix series, with the survival horror franchise apparently being transformed into a show on the streaming platform. With Resident Evil 2 having suitably spooked us, the prospect of a Netflix show is certainly intriguing, and it got us thinking about other games that could receive the same treatment.

We asked the GameRevolution editor which game series deserve their own Netflix adaptations, and as always you should leave your own thoughts in the comments section below. We’ll feature our favorites in tomorrow’s Tell GR.

Paul Tamburro, executive editor: “Literally any open-world RPG. They follow the Netflix Originals format so well; an exciting opening act filled with adventure and intrigue, a slower-paced middle act that offers that builds into an exciting, climactic showdown, followed by a closing act that piddles along and long outstays its welcome.”

Jason Faulkner, senior editor: “A wacky comedy/crime drama set in the Yakuza universe. You could just follow the plot of the games, one for each season, and have solid gold here. It would only really work, though, if you could get the original Japanese voice actors to play their respective roles.”

Mack Ashworth, lead editor: Red Dead Redemption should get a Netflix show. RDR2 is overflowing with characters and interesting stories that some players will never experience. Even the main missions are masterful in their creating a bond between the main group of characters, before all hell breaks loose. The extensive character development and many different twists and turns would make for a great show, I feel. Awesome setting, too!”

Bradley Russell, news editor: Right. Here we go. This is a million-dollar idea that I’ve had stored away for a while. It’s a Mass Effect crime procedural set within the C-Sec unit on The Citadel. You can stick a Garrus-like figure in as a hardboiled detective trying to whittle away at a conspiracy that goes to the very top as the main arc and there can also be cases of the week on the side. Criminal humans, Asari, Salarians, and whatever else you want to introduce into the universe. Easy. Think a little Star Trek Discovery mixed with Justified. Call it Mass Effect: Citadel and away you go. 13-episode order. I’m off to pitch this to Netflix. Bye.

Michael Leri, features editor: “Almost any world with a deep enough lore is a prime for a television spin-off which means I’d be open to seeing Mortal Kombat in some sort of animated form. There’s enough of a built world there that could supplement an actual storyline that could live alongside the main campaigns. Think of the Castlevania Netflix show but with less anime. Zero bits of anime would be ideal.”

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