Top 10 most exotic Destiny weapons so far

Bungie’s first-person shooter-looter is all about gun lust. Sure, there’s a story involving mystic space fantasy and a giant sphere that holds all the technology but that’s not why anyone plays Destiny. They play because Bungie’s experience crafting Halo‘s balanced gunplay has spilled out into an overflowing arsenal of interesting weapons to wield. From megaton rocket launchers to precise sniper cannons, everyone will find a few distinct named weapons to hang their helmet on.

However, there’s a special class of weapon sought after by every Guardian. The Exotic weapons are rare treats with a glowing orange box and special effects in battle. How you’ve collected these treasures varies from expansion to expansion. Still, it’s always what players seek after they finish up the story missions. Of all these weapons, which ones turn the most heads? Which exotics are both powerful and stylish? That’s what we’ve come to find out. Here’s a collection of the 10 most exotic looking weapons that Destiny has to offer.

Bungie’s ability to make great weapons is shown through how smoothly the studio has integrated swords and bows into combat seamlessly. It would be easy to stick with the tried and true, or even to how Halo‘s Energy Sword functioned. Bungie goes the extra mile instead, adding a third-person viewpoint into the mix. It’s a shame that Swords were pushed into the shadows in Destiny 2, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

With Bungie’s recent freedom from Activision, perhaps this type of oddball weapon is what we’ll see in the future. The next few major releases in the franchise will certainly set a tone going forward. The team probably has a ton of neat ideas that are just waiting to come out in DLC or the next game. Here’s hoping that this list looks like old hat in just a year or two.