Every Jump Force hero explained

Jump Force looks to combine all the various heroes from Shonen Jump franchises into one explosive fighting game. However, there’s plenty of folks who aren’t intimately familiar with this stable of characters, especially in America. Unless you grew up watching Toonami, you’re probably not clear on the differences between a Urameshi and an Uzumaki. Thankfully, we’re here to help with a quick rundown of all the major players stepping onto the battlefield in this new fighting game.

Some additional background. A shonen hero is generally a young man at the start of the adventure. While the subject matter can be everything from martial arts and detective work to the spirit realm and card games, there’s still a pretty basic formula. The hero picks up friends along the way, converts some enemies into unlikely allies, and usually saves the world at least once. Also, a lot of these dudes are hungry. They could probably clear out a Golden Corral themselves if they needed to.

While we’ve covered 10 of the more popular characters above, the Jump Force roster is seemingly growing by the day. With characters from more recent anime like My Hero Academia and Dragon Quest also joining the battle, who knows who could still be waiting in the wings. With its recent resurgence on Toonami, it only makes sense that Jotaro from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is heavily rumored.

We won’t have long to wait to find out the full roster, as Jump Force premieres on February 15. The story mode will see all these desperate heroes and their most hated foes fighting together for some common purpose. In addition to the roster of famous characters, there are also several brand-new characters. With designs by Dragon Ball‘s own Akira Toriyama, they’re sure to be memorable additions to this very shonen lineup.