Top 10 baddest villains in Far Cry history

So, you think you’ve conquered the jungle? Climbed every mountain? Liberated the county? Think again. There’s always another scheming dirtbag waiting in the wings when you’re playing Far Cry. This month, players will venture back into the bombed-out ruins of Hope County to see what they can scavenge in Far Cry New Dawn. In order to prepare, we’ve collected a rogues gallery of every baddie in the franchise so far. Learn their faces and their strategies so you have the upper hand when the next one emerges.

Far Cry is amazing at presenting its villains. From Vaas’ unique vocal ticks to the full-scale theme songs that each Seed sibling received, they feel fully fleshed out even if you’re probably only paying attention to the shooting. Whereas many games are happy to just set you up with some easy to hate corporate bigwig, Far Cry goes the extra mile.

Part of the charm of Far Cry‘s villains is in their innate humanity. Sure, they’re all a little off their rocker, but you can understand exactly where they’re coming from as they spout their rhetoric. The charismatic bad guy has become all the more relevant as time goes on, which goes to show just how far ahead of its time Far Cry 3 was.

However, Ubisoft’s cast of world-altering weirdos may still have other things to teach us. Even if they’re siccing goons on us and forcing us to go through endlessly repeated trials on loop, they’re not purely evil. In fact, Far Cry New Dawn takes that concept to its logical conclusion, showing Joseph Seed repenting for his past actions in Far Cry 5. It’s unknown as of yet if we’ll be able to team up with the religious cult leader in the new game. Even the fact that he’s now on our side puts the whole last game in a new light.