Defining Insanity | A Far Cry franchise tour

The Far Cry franchise has been through a lot since its first appearance almost 15 years ago. After an initial entry that saw developer Crytek stretching its legs, Ubisoft took the series internal. Their teams have crafted a disparate legacy of open-world first-person shooter. Whether you’re fighting marauding pirates or defending the future world of 2007, Far Cry brings engaging gameplay and signature villains in equal measure. As we prepare for the return trip to Hope County with Far Cry New Dawn, let’s look at every adventure so far. Here’s a quick franchise tour of every Far Cry game to date.

Humans naturally yearn to see connections in everything, so it can be frustrating to go game after game with only minor callbacks and connections. However, in a space where almost every other series is a stale sequel factory, Far Cry is still refreshing. Each new game presents the central idea of the series while also introducing something new.

Going through each game individually, it is striking how each Far Cry release creates a distinct tapestry. These games aren’t related storywise (despite what some fans theorize), but the Ubisoft releases all have common themes: villains with righteous indignation, heroes with muted personalities who were never destined for greatness, ironic scenarios that favor chaos over whatever order society has scrounged together. For a series as popular as it is, Far Cry isn’t afraid to espouse philosophically. That’s part of its charm.

Outside of red stringed theories and fun mental games, the only tangible throughline is two recurring characters: the polarizing gruff redneck Hurk and Willis the rogue CIA agent. They’ve both somehow found their way into every game in the series since the soft reboot in 3. Hurk even made it into Primal via a caveman analog and is also looking to have survived into New Dawn.