Nothing Remains | The Top 10 scariest Metro mutants

When you’re heading out into the Russian wastes in any Metro title, you’re going to want to check a few things. Is your flashlight powered up and ready to go? Do you have enough bullets to afford a snack at the next town? Will your gun jam on you when you pull the trigger? When everything you own is a slapdash mix of spare parts and duct tape, survival is tough. It’s also hard thanks in no small part to the many mutated creatures that now dot the landscape. In an effort to get you prepared for what awaits in Exodus, here are our picks for the top 10 scariest mutants in all of Metro.

Now, the Metro games have never been solely about spooks. There’s plenty of soul searching and considering the plight of humanity; all the stuff you’d expect to do after the bombs fall. Still, it’s mighty impressive to see all of 4A Games’ varied creatures in action. While they all evolve from something familiar, their mutated forms are crazy in distinct ways. The demon’s combination of super strong wings and a full human frame, the new zombie-esque creatures, everything is both familiar and different at the same time.

Of course, our list can’t possibly account for anything that the developer of Metro Exodus are keeping under wraps. Who knows what the next game will have in store once you’re knee deep in a new journey? All we know is that we’ve already had giant killer bears, burrowing mole rats, and even killer shellfish in this franchise. Whatever comes next, you’ll just have to load up your magazine and hope you can make it to the next safe house alive. It’s OK if it takes a few tries and you turn the lights on while you play. We won’t tell anyone.