Tell GR | What underrated game deserves a sequel?

We live in a time when almost every video game can expect a sequel. Bubsy got a sequel. Shaq-Fu got a sequel. If there’s even a modicum of interest in a particular game or series, some developer will be looking to take it for another spin in order to capitalize on that audience. However, there are games that have flat-out never received proper sequels, even if they quite clearly deserve one.

The GameRevolution editorial discussed the game sequels we want to happen below. As always, leave your own responses in the comments section and our favorite will be featured in tomorrow’s Tell GR.

Paul Tamburro, executive editor: Def Jam: Fight for NY. While Def Jam: Icon was technically the third in the series, it strayed so far from the light that it’s difficult to consider it part of the same franchise. WWF No Mercy creator AKI Corporation was no longer developing it and it really showed, with the emphasis moving away from the OTT pro wrestling moves and further towards MMA-esque hand-to-hand combat. AKI — now known as Syn Sophia — currently focus on arcade games, so it’s unlikely that a proper Fight for NY sequel will ever be made by the same devs. If that were to happen, though, I’d immediately descend into a joy coma knowing that one of the best fighting game series ever was finally being given the respect it deserves.”

Jason Faulkner, senior editor: “I would absolutely love if Colony Wars got a sequel. It technically got two in the form of Colony Wars: Vengeance and Red Sun, but Vengeance was a bit rushed and Red Sun just took the lore somewhere wacky. Seeing the original get a sequel at the same level of quality as the first game would be awesome.”

Mack Ashworth, lead editor: “Man, I loved XIII. From the cartoony graphics and “BAM” bubbles to the variety of weapons and settings, I enjoyed shooting my way through every level as the protagonist tried to get his memory back. It was like playing as the comic book version of Jason Bourne. We need a sequel that ties up all of the loose ends, including the inexplicable epilogue.”

Bradley Russell, news editor: “Remember Gex? I’m not talking about the bastardized US version, either. The reptilian mascot was a pretty decent platformer for its time but it poked fun at real-world entertainment (such as different TV genres) to great effect. Imagine Gex taking a dig at Fortnite or loot boxes now? We don’t have enough mid-tier platformers anymore, and Gex might just be tenacious enough to stick around and usher in a new age of PS1 revivals. I can but dream.”

Michael Leri, features editor: Alien Isolation 2 needs to happen. Its cliffhanger ending has left Amanda Ripley drifting through space with any hint of continuing her storyline. A sequel would also smooth over the game’s flaws, most notably the overly long campaign. Chopping it down and adding on to it would make it the classic the first one fell just short of. It’s just up to Sega to make it so.”

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Question: What February game release are you most looking forward to?

DJJ66: “Metro Exodus, but since Epic game store makes it so us South Americans have a horrible time buying their products by not supporting local currency purchases, being subject to heavy taxation due to international purchases and throwing operational cost on top of us as “purchase fees” I’m thinking if I ever do play Metro Exodus legitimately it’s only going to be next February.”