GameRevolution Radio | Why we’re BioWeary of Anthem

Anthem has received the last of its umpteenth release dates, and boy do we have a lot to say about it. There was a lot of skepticism surrounding EA and BioWare’s loot shooter, and judging by GameRevolution Lead Editor Mack Ashworth’s review of the game, those concerns were not without merit. In this week’s GameRevolution Radio podcast, we discuss where BioWare went wrong, and if there’s any salvaging this major disappointment.

Also discussed is the shocking news that Activision-Blizzard let go of 800 employees, which follows the announcement of Activision parting ways with Destiny 2 creator Bungie. The GR Radio team debated over whether or not Activision’s faith in Destiny led to the lay-offs, and exactly why a publisher as huge as Activision has so few successful IP outside of Call of Duty.

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