GameRevolution Stream Team’s TonysKindaWeird is streaming for Stand Up To Cancer

GameRevolution Stream Team member TonysKindaWeird will be holding a special livestream on November 24 for Stand Up To Cancer. During the 12-hour stream, Tony aims to raise $2,500 for the charity, which focuses on groundbreaking cancer research and getting new and effective treatments to patients fast.

“Like almost everyone, I’ve had friends and family members suffer and lose their battles with cancer,” Tony told us. “I’m hoping to at least do something to help others turn things around and win their fight by raising that little extra bit for @SU2C and end suffering for others out there.

“We’ll be playing a variety of games, hanging out in Just Chatting and being our usual selves. Our streams are always a place for everyone to just come and decompress from their hectic days and hangout with a friendly community and just chat about whatever is going on in their day.”

When can I support the charity stream?

Viewers will be able to tune into the stream on the TonysKindaWeird Twitch channel starting at 1 PM PST on Tuesday, November 24. Ahead of that time, you can also donate to Stand Up To Cancer right here.

You’ll be able to watch below: