More Sexy Cosplay Than You Can Handle

There aren't many things on this earth quite as amazing as video games and girls. Put the two together in the form of cosplay, and you've got one incredible combination.

Let's kick things off with the iconic tomb-raiding heroine known only as Lara Croft.



Continue on to see some of DC Comics' most dangerously beautiful gals.
Careful, I hear she stings.

Next up… Joker's pretty little companion.

Continue on to see her darker side.
Don't mess with these girls.


And the Batman-centric fun doesn't stop there…
Clearly Harley Quinn is a favorite among female cosplayers.

Our next gaming icon wields a chainsaw and pom poms. Can you guess who?
Where's her boyfriend's severed head?


Continue on to see some of gaming's most gorgeous fighters.
You may remember these two gals from Dead or Alive.

And these two from Soul Calibur.

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Up next… A post-apocalyptic wasteland that still is somehow beautiful.


Any Borderlands fans out there?

How about Pokémon?


Seriously Ash, when are you gonna get her a new bike?!

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