10 Xbox games we want on the Nintendo Switch

When two of the three big publishers in gaming team up, you know fireworks are about to go off. With rumors swirling that Microsoft could be bringing their games over to Nintendo’s handheld wonder, it’s easy to speculate just how far the team up will go. Is this just for newer titles, or will Microsoft join half the industry in dumping their back catalog onto the system? If the latter ends up being the case, we’ve gone ahead and picked out 10 titles that play to the traditional strengths of Nintendo. Halo and Gears are nice, but there are plenty of other interesting hidden gems waiting just below the surface.

Of course, having said all that, most people would probably love to play Halo while they are out and about. A stripped down version of the Master Chief Collection would be a glorious addition to the Switch library, granted that it works this time. It would also set an interesting precedent for the industry as a whole. With Microsoft and Nintendo suddenly working together, that would leave Sony standing alone. Considering that the console giant is not even attending E3 this year, it might not be where the house of PlayStation prefers to be.

We’re only a short while away from new consoles, and going into a generation with two major console manufacturers working together is something that simply hasn’t happened before. Microsoft and Nintendo both seem to complement each other in current times, and a combined effort could force another changing of the guard for the next generation. Of course, with streaming entering the picture, anything is possible. All we do know is that the prospect of seeing Master Chief on your shelf right next to Mario is equivalent to loading up Crazy Taxi on PlayStation 2 for the first time. We only get these moments once in a great while, and it will be a thrill to savor it if it does indeed happen.