Still Alive | The Unfamiliar Faces of Dead or Alive 6

It’s exciting to see the return of a beloved franchise. Especially if you’ve been away for a number of years. If done right, a good sequel can recapture everything you loved about past games in the series while also introducing new features that make sense. Dead or Alive has been pretty consistent, both in terms of roster updates and gameplay changes. If you’ve played any of the mainline fighting games, you can probably dive into Dead or Alive 6 without a problem. However, a multitude of new characters saw their debut in side games and other arcade updates since the Xbox 360 days. If you want to go in with some foreknowledge, we’ve gathered up 10 of the newest Dead or Alive fighters that also appear in 6.

Dead or Alive‘s main roster has only lost a few characters over the years. If your favorite does leave, they usually have a direct replacement in newer titles. Tengu saw himself jettisoned as the franchise’s secret character and was replaced with a more voluptuous female counterpart. Wang also graduated out of the franchise, with his pupil Eliot filling in his aged shoes. The only characters that haven’t been replaced are guest fighters, like DOA4‘s Halo Spartan and DOA5‘s visit from a Samurai Warriors mainstay.

As far as new fighters, each Dead or Alive entry sticks to just two additions. That’s outside of DLC, which could see a bevy of guest stars this time around. With wild additions like Neegan in Tekken and Geralt in Soul Calibur, who knows what Koei Tecmo has up their sleeves. Let’s just hope that Sega lets them once again bring in the cast of Virtua Fighter so they can see sunlight. Maybe Sega can even find the inspiration to make a new entry in the series. Whichever one comes first.