Dead Or Alive 6 lobbies are finally coming this weekend

One of the most fan-requested features is finally coming to Dead Or Alive 6: Lobbies will finally be coming to the latest Koei Tecmo fighting release on on Thursday, April 11.

The announcement was made via Team Ninja’s official Dead Or Alive 6 Twitter account just last night. Dead Or Alive 6 Update version 1.03b will finally be bringing the much-awaited feature to all platforms.

When it launched back in March, Dead Or Alive 6 did not come with a lobby feature in its online mode. Players looking to play online had no choice but to play ranked mode. This is all well and good for anyone looking to prove their skill in the game. However, players who want to play long sets against their friends were out of luck.

Team Ninja initially promised that lobbies would come at the end of March. However, they ended up delaying the feature since, in their own words, it “still required polish.” At that point, the team then decided to split the original 1.03 update into two parts. The 1.03a update that was released at the end of March brought some balance changes to the game, alongside several additional DLC costumes for its fighters.

The 1.03b update comes just in time for the first Dead Or Alive World Championship tournament at the Mix Up in Lyon, France. While fighting game tournaments such as this one are predominantly played offline, players still occasionally use lobbies to train with their friends and sparring partners over the internet. The addition of lobbies should at least make practice easier.

For players looking forward to lobbies, Team Ninja has stated that the update will arrive at different times depending on region and platform.

As our own review has stated, Dead Or Alive 6 is an improvement over previous installments of the series, despite making a few missteps. The upcoming 1.03b update finally addresses one of these missteps, which bodes well for the future of this game.