Keeping it stylish | Devil May Cry’s rad rogues

Look, we’ll be real with you. We all know that Dante is the start of Devil May Cry. His name is on the stickers, he makes all the cameos, and he’s the head honcho demon hunter. However, he’s not the only playable character that has graced this stylish action franchise. Over the years, many others have teamed with the white-haired wonder, each with their own unique weapons and fighting styles. No matter who you’re controlling, you know they’ll bring a certain panache to the proceedings. With the new Devil May Cry 5 bringing its own unique flair, we thought it was a good excuse to look back. So, lean back, scarf down a piece of pizza and enjoy our look at Devil May Cry‘s rad rogues.

While Devil May Cry has had many ups and downs, it seems that most fans think things are best when we stick close to the original interpretation of Dante. One only has to look at the reaction to DmC Devil May Cry to see what happens when Capcom tries to stray too far from the original’s vision. Ninja Theory took in death threats and fan hate while still putting out an excellent stylish action game.

Is the original really the best version of Dante? Who can say? All we know is that you can’t really go wrong when a box says Devil May Cry on it. That includes Devil May Cry 2, despite that being the low point of the franchise. With Devil May Cry 5 coming out in March of 2019, we’re excited to get back to Dante, Lady, Trish and the gang in the original universe. How will their adventures fair on our souped-up 4K consoles? We’ll know very soon. Whatever Dante ends up doing, we know he’ll do it with some most excellent style.