Ask GR Anything! | March 29 podcast questions

Calling all GameRevolution readers! Now’s your chance to have your voices heard and your questions answered on GameRevolution Radio, our Twitch and YouTube video podcast which airs every other Friday.

How to submit a question to GameRevolution Radio

To submit a question, simply comment below or email [email protected] with the subject titled ‘PODCAST.’

Our GR Radio team — Paul Tamburro, Jason Faulkner, Mack Ashworth, Michael Leri, and Bradley Russell — will then answer the questions we receive on the next episode.

When will GameRevolution Radio air?

GameRevolution Radio will air on Twitch and YouTube on Friday, March 29. You can make sure you don’t miss out by following us on Twitch, where we also put out daily live streams of the latest game releases, and by subscribing to us on YouTube.