GIVEAWAY: Win an Notetracks Pro annual membership worth $360

It’s giveaway time! GameRevolution is giving away an annual membership to Notetracks Pro, worth around $360, via our official Twitch channel.

Notetracks Pro is a music program that lets you get clear and precise feedback directly on your tracks. Collaborate, review, and share projects with other songwriters, producers, and mixing engineers effortlessly so everyone is on the same page.

Notetracks Pro allows users to create music, audio, podcasts, and videos together, providing one collaborative space for you to review, share, and exchange feedback to take your tracks to the next level. Users can take notes directly on their tracks, get your collaborators on the same page from anywhere in the world without having to be in the same room, and provides everything you need in one place to capture your notes, conversations, and audio.

How to enter the giveaway

To enter the giveaway, all you need to do is go to the GameRevolution Twitch channel and enter !giveaway in the chat. Subscribers to our Twitch channel will receive 5x the number of entries, so be sure to sub to increase your chances of winning a membership.

GameRevolution Stream Team member and resident music-maker Chase Bethea will be livestreaming from 11 AM PST to 1 PM PST today, April 21, where he’ll be showcasing a demo of Notetracks along with hosting our special guest, singer Lisa Carter. Be sure to check out Chase’s own Twitch channel at GamerComposer.

We have a couple of codes to giveaway, with Chase set to announce its winner at a later date. Check out the stream below when it goes live: