New PS4 Games 2019 | The best PS4 games coming soon

Sony has had a great run in the current generation. The PS4 dominated the early conversation, and still trumps its main rivals at Xbox. Even if Nintendo swooped in with a new revolution, the PlayStation 4 is still the preferred way to play all the big new games for many players. So, what do those players have to look forward to in 2019? While Sony has somewhat shifted gears towards the future, there are still plenty of interesting titles to look forward to this year. Let’s go over the calendar and find some of the most notable ones to talk about.

With games like Days Gone and Dreams likely for 2019, the PlayStation faithful will have no trouble emptying their wallets this year. Other Sony exclusives could be held back for a theoretical PlayStation 5, but we won’t know about that for a good while yet. Meanwhile, third parties have seemingly hit their stride in the current generation. This is true for a few recent releases like Sekiro and Devil May Cry 5. You can probably spend a lifetime in just one of Ubisoft’s games this year and have plenty of room in the schedule for whatever comes next.

One thing to note is that, at the time of writing, it’s still early in the year. E3 always shakes things up in June, and we’ll have a good idea of what’s happening around Christmas after that. Of course, Sony isn’t going to E3 this year, but that won’t stop them from making announcements. Sony’s recently announced “State of Play” videos provides a Nintendo Direct-esque avenue with which to make announcements. We may see a video scheduled around June to replace their traditional press conference. Will they have more to share for this year? Is the PS5 on the horizon? Will we ever see another PlayStation All-Stars? Only time will tell.