Tell GR | Do you have the patience for difficult games?

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice released last week, giving us all a brand new From Software game that makes us want to tear our hair out in frustration. There are plenty of folks who love the hardcore difficulty of the Soulsborne games, but there are also those who just can’t be bothered to die repeatedly against hard-as-nails enemies.

So are you a fan of ultra-difficult games, or do you prefer playing something a little less challenging? The GameRevolution team shared their thoughts below, and as always you can leave your take in the comments section below. We’ll feature our favorite response in tomorrow’s Tell GR!

Paul Tamburro, executive editor: “Not really. I just don’t get the same level of satisfaction as others do with games like Dark Souls. I mostly play multiplayer games where a sense of accomplishment is immediate, so I struggle to get to grips with difficult games that require me to spend ages trying to defeat a single boss. I understand the appeal, but it just isn’t for me.”

Jason Faulkner, senior editor: “I don’t mind difficulty if the game is fair. I’m not a fan of harder difficulties in games that just makes enemies bullet sponges or lowers the amount of health/ammo you get from pickups or skills. Skill-based difficulty is fine with me. If the game is just hard by nature or the difficulty levels make the enemies smarter or puzzles more difficult to figure out I’m down with that. I just don’t really like the game just arbitrarily putting you at a disadvantage. I want difficulty to enhance the play experience, not just give me the same thing as normal or easy but more frustrating.”

Mack Ashworth, lead editor: “I enjoy playing the tougher difficulties on games that I already love for the story. The Last of Us was fantastic fun on Grounded, adding to the tension. A few Call of Duty stories are good, and I’ve finished them on Veteran. However, when games are hard for the sake of being hard, and don’t have a particularly strong narrative, I usually “nope” out of there pretty quickly.”

Bradley Russell, features editor: “I lack patience for most games nowadays, be it a lackluster plot or a boring level, so difficulty gets thrown in with all of those reasons as to why I might not continue a game, but it’s especially exacerbated with Soulsborne games. I don’t want to git gud. I don’t want to kill the same enemies over and over just so I can die to the boss for the 492nd time, and I definitely don’t want my ass handed to me day after day. That’s not fun. I’d rather spend my time doing anything else.”

Yesterday’s best reader comment

Question: What game genre have you never got into?

Stove: “Sports Games! I did play Tiger Woods golf one year for awhile. And some football and basketball games with the bros. Also Mario Super Strikers was a blast. But still to this day, I never care when a sports game comes out, not even a little bit. Probably biggest reason, you can go throw a football or swing a golf club in real life. But you cant super punch an alien to death while being chased by robots and you’re flying all over the place.”