New Overwatch game modes that Blizzard NEEDS to make

It’s been two full years since Blizzard has added a game mode to Overwatch. Sure, the first-person shooter has a healthy selection of wacky modifiers from Low Gravity to Total Mayhem to Mystery Heroes. However, there’s still plenty of potential for new additions to mix things up and we’re not talking about Mei throwing snowballs. These are fundamental rule changes that can interact with each hero’s abilities and make for a uniquely fun time. If you’re an FPS veteran, you’ll already know most of these, but there’s no reason Blizzard can’t try its hand at something new in 2019.

There’s a reason that some players drift towards Mystery Heroes more than the standard game modes. Besides the constant character switching and counter-picking, it can be stressful to be forced into a character you don’t want to play. If you’re feeling like a round of Roadhog but your team doesn’t have any healers, you’re going Mercy. If the computer has decided for you, then you just go with the flow. You can enjoy the randomness of it all and blame chance for any misgivings. Most people who log in aren’t looking to stress. Mystery Heroes can provide that relaxing noncompetitive break they’re looking for.

Considering that mode’s success, it’s a wonder that Blizzard hasn’t experimented with more modes like it. Stuff like the Single Hero battles or making random teams you can’t switch from would change up your thinking. Plus, since the roster of heroes and maps is so large, you have almost endless combinations to work with. If Blizzard isn’t working on a single player experience like the Blackwatch event, we’d love to see a few new Arcade options that take advantage of what makes Overwatch so special. It’s a competitive world of shooters out there, but some people still prefer the arena to the shrinking circle.