Mandatory Gaming Fails of the Week 3/29/2019

It is finally Friday, which means it’s time for your Mandatory Gaming Fails of the Week round-up. This is where we mush together all of the major video game fails that occurred over the last seven days, and give them the spotlight that they deserve (but probably don’t want). If you find yourself needing more content like this, be sure to visit But now, let’s power on through those fails!

gaming fails

EA layoffs hit 350 people in marketing and other divisions

EA announced that it would be laying off 350 staff across its marketing, publishing, and analytics departments. This amounted to almost four percent of its total workforce.

In addition to this, attempts to scale down operations in Japan and Russia lead to the complete closure of EA Japan.

Despite the layoffs, EA reaffirmed its commitment to delivering great games to players.

Article 13 passed, European Parliament votes to implement ‘meme ban’

European Parliament passed the Article 13 copyright legislation, which aims to make content platforms more responsible for tackling infringements. Platforms are to implement an “upload filter” to block content that infringes on copyright.

The extent to which Article 13 will actually impact the internet and content creators isn’t yet clear. However, memes should apparently be safe.

First PlayStation State of Play disappoints fans, racking up dislikes on YouTube

The first PlayStation State of Play livestream has come and gone, leaving many fans disappointed at the lack of new announcements. Sony chose to focus heavily on virtual reality.

gaming fails

PS4 digital download codes will no longer be sold in stores

Digital versions of PS4 games will no longer be purchasable from physical stores. This means that digital downloads will only be available from the PlayStation Store. However, PSN digital currency codes, DLC codes, and season passes will still be made available.

Battlefield 5 ‘dragging teammates’ feature has been canceled

The Battlefield 5 “dragging teammates” feature that was showcased in the game’s reveal trailer is no longer planned for the game. Developer Dice states that it wouldn’t work well with gameplay.