First PlayStation State of Play disappoints fans, racking up dislikes on YouTube

The first PlayStation State of Play wrapped up last night and the fallout does not appear to have been good for the console giant. Across popular gaming forums, commenters are describing the event as “underwhelming” and a “gut punch.” So far, the YouTube videos of the State of Play event have gained significantly more dislikes than likes. However, the criticism was not universal, with some showing support for the event.

The first PlayStation State of Play currently has several videos of the livestream uploaded across its several YouTube channels. The livestream itself, which is now unlisted, currently has 10,000 likes and 15,000 dislikes. While an upload of the event after the fact has 4,200 likes to 12,000 dislikes. The PlayStation Europe channel also has its reupload of the event, attracting 1,400 likes to 6,900 dislikes. The top comment on each video mocks the similarities between the event and a Nintendo Direct, all expressing disappointment for the lack of Animal Crossing news and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC.

Popular comments on the Reddit thread discussing the event primarily focused on the underwhelming nature of the first PlayStation State of Play event. Redditor NOSsock commented, “my expectations were low and I was still disappointed,” while another user named meganev stated, “they’ll be slated all over social media for hyping this up and delivering such a weak showing.” The sentiment was similar over on ResetEra. User HellofaMouse had a strong response: “They could have just released those [trailers] on their [YouTube] channel and be done. They got people to waste their [time] and watch the show.”

Criticism across forums and YouTube wasn’t completely in opposition to the event, however, with several comments shared the feeling that the show was “fine.” While some of the most vocal support for the first PlayStation State of Play event came from KindaFunny’s Greg Miller:

The support for the event noted many of the virtual reality game reveals included. No Man’s Sky VR was announced, as not just a VR mode of the game but the full integration of it into the full title. Iron Man VR was also announced as coming to PlayStation 4 later in 2019.