GameRevolution Radio | Shakira: Clementine Dies Twice

The gaming community is notoriously a-okay with games journalists discussing difficult video games. Because we’re apparently a bunch of masochists who want Dark Souls fans to come at us with pitchforks and “Git Gud” banners, the GR editorial team shared our controversial thoughts on Sekiro Shadows Die Twice in this week’s GameRevolution Radio.

As expected in a From Software game, Sekiro is… tough. But not tough in a way that Dark Souls game are. Instead, bosses tend to lean too much into the cheese factor, which makes for unfair, frustrating fights. You can read more about what Senior Editor Jason Faulkner thought in his review of the game.

Every GR Radio it seems like there’s been another huge layoff somewhere in the industry. This week we discussed the recent downsizing at EA, and why the bet on games as a service is turning into a major disaster for many studios.

Mack Ashworth goes into detail on the pros and cons of Anthem vs. The Division 2, and what went wrong with Bioware’s latest game. Also, Michael Leri gives us some behind-the-scenes info from his coverage of PAX East, including some very interesting info about God of War.

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